Marianne Williamson on Embracing the Law of Divine Compensation

Although the world we see with our physical senses is often one of struggle, scarcity, unfair competition and fear, bestselling author Marianne Williamson explained the universe is truly made up of love and miracles – and any time we find ourselves entrenched in the world of fear, knowing the universe is both self-organizing and self-correcting is where we can find our power.

“The universe is an infinite, creative possibility machine,” she explained in a recent live online seminar, based on her book “The Law of Divine Compensation.” “It is creating one opportunity after another, and it is based not on what you have done, but what you are now.”

The universe is programmed to compensate for when we make a wrong turn or when it seems something is taken from us by someone else, she explained. In the mind of God there is a blueprint for us, and our destination is complete self-actualization or enlightenment. Each of us is given special gifts to create at the highest level, and nature wants to create things through each of us.

“You don’t have to go out and make anything happen,” she noted. “We need to place ourselves in a position where we can allow things to happen.”

When it comes to work and career, the daily prayer she offered in the seminar is: “Dear God, Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?”

“The most powerful statement you can make for a great career is, ‘Dear God, please use me. Here are my talents; here are my abilities – use me,” she said. “The true you knows your job is to be the person God would have you to be.”

Whether its work, money or relationships, by aligning with our true selves, and knowing the universe will lead us back on the right path, we can magnetize anything. The Christ, Buddha mind within us is a magnet, while the rational mind separated from love is not, she said.

“As long as I am aligned with the thinking of my true self, I do not self-sabotage,” Williamson explained. “If I’m not aligned with that thinking, then by definition I will self-sabotage.”

Giving a new meaning to the fairytale Cinderella, Williamson compared the wicked stepmother to the human ego, and the fairy godmother to our spirit. Her magic wand is focused thought, and when she waves it, light envelopes Cinderella and transforms her on the material plane, she said.

“Light is spiritual understanding, and when the fairy godmother pointed her wand at Cinderella, the light turned her rags into a dress, the mice into coachman, the pumpkin into a coach,” she said. “The fairy godmother is the Holy Spirit or the spirit within you. We need the light in the want to transform our current circumstances.”

It is up to us whether we activate the law of divine compensation or not – and we do so by aligning with the energy of God and miracles with every thought that passes through out minds. In the book, “The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles,” Williamson states:

“The practical issue is whether we choose thoughts that activate or deactivate the Law of Divine Compensation. We activate it with every loving thought. We deactivate it when we give more credence to the reality and the power of the material world than to the reality and power of love.”

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