New Mindfulness Meditation Program Online and Mobile Phones

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Following the successful release of its Mindfulness Meditation app, featuring guided meditations by Stephan Bodian, an internationally celebrated meditation teacher and licensed psychotherapist, specializing in stress management, Mental Workout released its new Mindfulness Meditation program – the first in a series of program launches utilizing the company’s new technology platform.

The program features six guided mindfulness meditations of different lengths; brief introductory mindfulness exercises; body scans; relaxation exercises; instructions on how to meditate and improve on practice; eight short teachings on the integration of mindfulness into everyday life; and an eight-week intensive meditation plan.

The new Mindfulness Meditation program is being introduced as one of the first two programs on Mental Workout’s new technology platform – the other is Freedom from Stress™, which was also created with Bodian and includes stress-reducing strategies that go beyond mindfulness meditation.

“My primary motivation since I began teaching meditation more than 30 years ago has been to help people reduce their stress and discover greater happiness and peace of mind,” said Bodian, who is the author of several books, including the bestselling “Meditation For Dummies,” and is also the former editor-in-chief of Yoga Journal.

“By teaming up with Mental Workout, I have already been able to bring the benefits of mindfulness meditation to many more people. With the new program, we can do even more to motivate, inspire, and support people in integrating mindfulness into every moment of the day,” he said.

Users can access their program subscriptions and profile information seamlessly across a growing range of mobile devices – including on iPhone and Android devices – as well as on the Web.

Mindfulness Meditation is available for purchase at Mental Workout’s online store, and inside Mental Workout’s upcoming mobile app for iPhone (later this month) and Android (January 2013). These mobile apps will be free to download, and by using the same account details, program subscriptions as well as profile information will be in-sync across all devices.

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