Free Meditation App Let’s You Meditate Without Interruption

When you sit down to meditate and us an app or timer on your mobile phone, the last thing you want is it to start ringing and buzzing with an incoming call. While some people put their phone on silent, others might be afraid of missing an important call during their meditation.

The new meditation app, Meditate Peacefully, solves this problem!

Right now, it’s only available for Android phones, but the free app puts a mobile phone into the silent mode and if someone calls, it automatically sends them an SMS message letting them know your phone is on silent. It also tells them if the call is important, to reply with the word URGENT, and then you will be alerted to the call.

Once the meditation time is up, a meditation bell automatically chimes to bring you out of meditation, and the app switches off the silent mode so calls can resume.