Five Meditation Timer Apps

One of our favorite Web sites for app picks,, recently published its picks for meditation timer apps, and we wanted to pass the list. The prices range from free to $1.99, and each offers different features.

1.      Lotus Bud Meditation Timer – Not only does it offer a timer, but it tracks all of your meditations sessions, lets you build more complex sessions and tracks your goals. $1.99

2.      Mind – Drag the slider to the number of minutes you want to meditate, and the last timer set becomes the default. Simple and FREE!

3.      Minimalist Timer – This features an autostart timer, a zero-touch timer, and can beep or vibrate. FREE!

4.      Serenity: A Meditation Timer – For the iPhone and iPad, users can choose from a meditation time in 5 minute increments up to 60 minutes. There are also five background meditation sounds including brown noise, pink noise, stream, surf or white noise, and also seven end of meditation sounds, including chime, Chinese guitar, deep gong, gong, harp, Tibetan bowl or tubular bell. $0.99

5.     Repeat Timer Pro – This offers three independent timers with custom labels, and 26 quality alerts, including 11 humorous sounds. $1.99