Vasavi Kumar: Going From Big Ideas to Realities that Serve the Soul

Vasavi Kumar is a certified coach, and co-author of the bestselling book, “Succeeding in Spite of Everything.” She has been described as “your kick-in-the-pants en route to your desired destination,” and when she spoke live on “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit,” a three-month long telesummit produced by Elevated Existence Magazine, she didn’t disappoint.

Kumar shared how she grew up in a traditional Indian family and in her college years suffered from drug and alcohol addiction – eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But she never let these obstacles stop her on her path to finding freedom.

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“My purpose here on earth is to share my story in such a way that impacts people so that they can understand they can have anything they want – you may not get everything that you want, but you can have anything that you want – and you have to be willing to take action to do that,” she told listeners.

Many of us have goals and dreams, but we get stuck in the web of fear and doubt, and become overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding us. But Kumar explained if we want to find true freedom, taking action despite the fear or obstacles is the only course of action.

“If you want to have freedom in your life you have to be willing to take action and go get it. Action really is the antidote to your suffering,” she shared. “Your freedom is going to come when you are scared and thinking ‘I can’t do this.’  It’s when you’re scared and you are willing to do it anyway. It really is about taking risks and realizing that whatever it is you are meant to do boils down to you being willing to do whatever you need to do to make it happen.”

We all have obstacles in our lives, and we can either believe they are obstacles or believe they are part of the lessons in life we are meant to learn from – the choice is ours.

“I believe that God, your higher power, doesn’t give you things you can’t handle,” said Kumar. “Every action that I take, I ask ‘Is this going to move me forward as far as serving the world, or is this keeping me where I am, or is this making me go backwards.’”

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Moving Beyond Fear
Fear is normal, Kumar told the audience on the call. Everybody feels fear. The key is to not allow it to dominate us, and stop us from moving forward in life.

“The misconception is ‘I can’t take action if I’m afraid.’ No. Incorrect. The two can co-exist,” she said. “You can be afraid and you can take action. In fact, more often then not, you’re going to be scared. Any time you do something scary, or that is calling you to be a bigger, higher version of yourself, you are going to be scared. Now you can use that fear as an obstacle for yourself, or you can say, ‘O.K, that’s cool. I’m scared, and I’m going to do it anyway.’”

During the call she shared her four-step process for moving forward to a life of freedom. This includes:

1. Know Your Why — We need to know why we are doing whatever it is we are doing, or why we want to achieve the goal we set. “Get clear on your Why. Ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to do this?’” she shared.

2. Examine Your Beliefs — Look at the beliefs we have around the goal, and not the limiting or disempowering ones. “Ask yourself what you choose to believe about it? What do you want to believe? What is the belief you want to empower you? This is what I call faking it to make it,” she said.

3. Know What You Want — “What is it that you want? Do you want to write a book, pitch yourself to a network, or be in a relationship? Feel it, touch it, taste it and get so clear on it that you are actually in the picture inside your mine,” Kumar said.

4. Figure Out the How — This is the last thing we need to understand when trying to achieve a goal and move forward. However, many people start here rather then end up here, and that doesn’t work, said Kumar. We must get clear on the first three aspects before tackling the how if we want to succeed.

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