Natural Cold Remedies to Ease Spring Allergies

Dr. Kathleen Ireland Gregg, director of Health Matters in Bath, Mich. shared natural health remedies to alleviate symptoms of sinus issues and congestion from colds or allergies that often pop up along with the Spring weather.

“This time of the year, just as allergies are beginning – and during winter allergies are oftentimes worse because of the dry heat – we see sinus issues, congestion problems,” said Gregg who practices natural health care.

She shared the following remedies:

— Slippery elm bark helps get rid of mucus. Gregg suggests putting one tablespoon of slippery elm bark in one pint of water, bringing it to boil, letting it sit an hour and then bringing it back to boil, according to the report. When it is cool, take two tablespoons every hour. “It’s good for congestion because it helps pull that mucus out of the lungs,” she said. “Also, it’s beneficial if you’re having problems keeping food down.”

— Use a Neti pot to irrigate sinuses with either a saline solution or salt water.

— Gargle warm salt water to help pull infection from the tissues in the throat.”So that not only does make you feel better and soothing, it actually does something,” Dr. Gregg said. “It really helps pull that mucus out.” Take four or five teaspoons of buckwheat honey a day to strengthen the immune system. Gregg said it is rich in antioxidants, and can give relief for coughs, especially for kids. “It’s gaining popularity because of how effective it is for children and their coughing at night and their ability to sleep better,” she explained.

See the video of the segment.