100% Organic Meditation Cushions by Om Sweet Om

Interior designers and creators of organic meditation cushions, Jennifer Ream and Christine Landall of Om Sweet Om, introduced a 15-inch meditation cushion as an alternative to the 26-inch also available.

The new 15” meditation cushions are smaller and firmer to accommodate those with knee and back issues, but also perfect for traveling to and from meditation class. They are made with the same 100% organic cotton inner and outer designer fabrics and natural kapok filling as the original, larger model.

“The decision to use organic cotton is the foundation of our brand,” the founders, who are also sisters, said in a released statement. “The elements in your Sacred Space should reflect all of the positive energy that you want to receive during meditation / prayer time, including physical materials and how they were derived from the earth.”

The new 15” meditation cushions have the same great standard features, such as a carrying handle and removable zipper closures on both inner and outer layers. However, this latest addition also comes with a free organic cotton travel bag.

Retail price for the 15” meditation cushions is $159.00, and they are available at www.ososisters.com.