Kenji Kumara: The Joy of Be-ing Present

By Jennifer McCartney

Catalyst, activator and initiator for personal and planetary transformation, Kenji Kumara joined Elevated Existence founder Tammy Mastroberte for the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” to share how we can radically shift our vibration to one of love, peace and joy — which is our true birthright.

“My personal goal for people is to give them something that would be practical in their life,” Kumara said of his teachings. “What is unique that I can offer people?” Some of the common complaints he hears from people are that they feel overworked, too busy, or disconnected from God.

“It’s the challenge of ‘everything I’ve done up to now in my life isn’t working,’” he said. “Not enough time in the day to get stuff done—that’s very common now,” he continued. Often people feel like they need a second person just to enable them to complete their daily tasks such as answering emails. But bigger than these issues, he noted, is worry. “Worry comes from unconscious fear, which comes from the judgments we make about ourselves and other people,” he noted.

To begin recovering our sense of self and increasing our connection with the universe, we need to start by relinquishing judgment, which causes worry. “The masters say at some point you have to give up all desire to make judgments about anything,” he shared. “We can acknowledge the judgments without letting them control us.”

Often we judge ourselves for worrying, feeling disconnected or being different. We suspect that we’re special, but squash that feeling in order to fit in, or belong. We may see an angel or feel a vibration or read people’s thoughts or have a vision of the future or even hear voices, Kenji suggested. This isn’t something to be ashamed of but an opportunity we can embrace—the act of “appearing normal, but having an awareness or a consciousness that can be very different from others.” We must embrace our difference. “We’re getting out of this gross thinking of analyzing and logic and staying in your box. The key is to embody that in your everyday life to where you appear to be normal, but you’re not.”

What most people ultimately come to, no matter what issue or problem they are tackling, is the question of how — How do I find my soulmate? How do I get out of a marriage? How do I find a new job.

To uncover these answers, the first step is breath work, Kumara said. leading listeners in a breathing exercise to help ground them in the present:

“Take a deep breath and let all the old breath out of your body. Do it again, and breathe into your body. Feel the breath and then slowly exhale. Let go. Do it one more time. As you do this you come into more present. Hold the intention that ‘I’m going to be present in my body. And I’m going to ground my body to my feet and the beloved underneath.’ Take another breath and hold the knowing that I’m going to hold this state and more for the next day. Then exhale.

Take another deep breath. And then exhale and relax. Now we’re going to create another intention where so you’re going to slowly breathe in from the belly and then breathe up into the brain and you’re going to say to yourself ‘I’m ready to receive a wave of love.’ Now exhale. Keep your space open.”

This exercise not only grounds us, but opens us up to receiving a wave of love. We have access to all kinds of waves for any issues, he said. “It’s all about what you believe. If you create the reality that ‘when I do this and invoke that,’ this is what’s going to happen—and more.”

He offered another exercise for allowing better communion with God or Source. “What is the source of you feeling separated from God?” he asked. “So just say to your higher intelligence, ‘I am open ready to receive.’” Place your palms open on your lap and be open to receiving the answers. Breathe in and then exhale. Do it one more time. Breathe in, ‘I am ready to know now.’ Slowly exhale.

“The more you do these exercises…the more present you’re going to be, and the stronger you’re going to be,” he said. “A lot of people come to us not strong enough and so they go seek out healers and psychics, and channelers, massage therapist, and doctors…and it’s okay up to a point, but at some point you got to realize now ‘I’ve got to do the work.’”

It’s time to get rid of the excuses that we don’t have enough time or energy. “If God came to each one of you and said ‘okay today’s the day now of your awakening,’ can you throw out your to-do list for today and just be with this God presence for the whole day? Is that a priority for you, or is your to-do list more important?”