VIDEO: Conscious Creator – Create The Life You Desire App

If you knew that every moment was creating your future would you waste a second not creating? Conscious Creator is a tool to align with the power of the present moment to create the life you desire. Built with the busy person in mind Conscious Creator has a series of easy to use alarms, reminders, affirmations, recordings and challenges to help actualize your biggest life.

  • Affirmations – The affirmations tab is a place to create positive self affirming statements for the goals and desires in one’s life. Users can even set up reminders on their phone that will appear at intervals of their choosing.
  • Challenges – The challenges tab gets the user out of his or her comfort zone into another set of activities that rewires the brain for success. Each challenge is designed to get a person thinking, feeling and acting differently. Do a challenge a day or focus on one per week.
  • Facts – The facts tab gives even more evidence on the powerful law of attraction, as well as helpful tips on how to use each function of the app to bring about change in one’s life.
  • Record – Hearing one’s goals out loud is a very powerful way to bring about change in his or her life. The record tab can be used to record affirmations, goals and reminders, as well as listening to the two included meditations. Users can even use the recording tab to capture snippets of inspirational songs, and content discovered anywhere.
  • Alarms – With the alarms tab, users can choose their own soothing sounds, how often they want the alarm repeated, the date and time, as well as a short description. They can wake up to an inspirational sound and short mantra, remind themselves to complete a challenge or listen to a recording, or to remind themselves to say an affirmation out loud.
  • Guide – This offers a fun how to video, as well as direct link to the Conscious Creator website, and Facebook where more insiders tips and conscious activities are shared. It’s also a great place to connect with other users of Conscious Creator.

Watch the video below: