Spirit Quest Tours Adds “Spiritual LA” Experiences to its Offerings

Spirit Quest Tours launched a new tour offering called “Spiritual LA,” which allows tourists from all over the world the chance to experience some of the most serene and spiritual locations in Los Angeles.

The 3-day/2-night and 4-day/3-night tour packages are personalized based on the travelers’ desires to reduce stress, explore new growth opportunities, or experience nature.

“Despite what some people might think, ‘spiritual LA’ is not an oxymoron,” Halle Eavelyn, co-owner of Spirit Quest said. “Certainly Los Angeles is well known for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and it has a reputation as being a shallow city, but Los Angeles has a deep spiritual core. The goal of these tours is to highlight some of the incredible natural wonders and spiritual centers of Los available to visitors and residents alike. There’s a reason why this is called the City of Angels.”

The Spiritual LA tours are customized for each group of two or more guests from a pre-screened menu of options, and all tours are designed around the goal of refreshing the mind, body and spirit.

“This is a five star trip, so it begins with a limo and driver service from LAX to take visitors to their hotel, and the car is available all weekend,” Eavelyn explained. “For hotels, we love both Shutters and Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, which are peaceful, stunning locations ideal for guests who want to be at the beach for inspiring sunsets, long walks, or yoga in the sand. Other travelers are inspired by art, so we also offer the choice of staying at the Luxe Sunset near the Getty Museum. It’s a hotel that offers tranquil, plush accommodations and lots of pampering. It’s perfect for an in-room massage or a quiet, romantic dinner.”

One of the special destinations that can be included on the Spiritual LA tours is the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens at the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), which teaches soul transcendence and practical spirituality. Hikes in canyons and the Hollywood Hills are also popular activities, as well as Griffith Park, with its famous Observatory, the Hollywood sign, and numerous hiking trails.

“Some people want spa treatments or guided meditations. Others want to visit Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, complete with its windmill and Gandhi’s ashes, or do yoga on the beach,” Eavelyn noted. “We also can arrange for a personal Spirit Session with a channel guide. We have options that fit every need of our guests who are on a spiritual journey.”

Fully custom Spiritual LA trips start at $500 per day, excluding airfare. For more information, call Spirit Quest Tours at (877) 406-5206 visit http://www.spiritquesttours.com.