Life Doesn’t Offer a Rewind Button

I had a dream the other night and wanted to share it because, to me, it serves as a blatant reminder that no matter how hard we try, we can’t move backwards in time. In the dream, I remember various scenes where I stood with my cell phone trying to contact people from my past. I would try to type in the phone number, but would inevitably type the wrong one and have to start over. Then I would try again, and the buttons would not register. And then even if I got the numbers right, the call just simply would not go through. I honestly spent most of the dream determined to make a phone call … but it never connected.

Is there something or someone from your past still lingering in the background of your consciousness? Is there a situation you keep playing over and over in your head, wishing you did or said something different? It might be time to let go.

Here are 5 suggestions on how to set yourself (and others) free:

The best thing to do is acknowledge what happened, and understand that whatever occurred was most likely a growth opportunity for you. Try to uncover what lesson you were being taught by the universe.

— Forgive yourself and any other parties involved. “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.” – Lewis B. Smedes

— Understand that everyone in your life is a teacher. Be grateful for the lesson and the opportunity to grow from it.

Perform some type of a ritual to “cut the cord” of connection to the person or situation. Write everything you want to say about the situation or to the person you are trying to release, and then burn the letter.

Know that all things happening in your life are for your highest good. Use the affirmation: “I only attract positive people and situations into my life.”

The truth is, there is no time machine that can connect us with days gone by – nor days still ahead of us for that matter … well until Apple invents an app for that! But for now, until we let go of what was, we can’t be open to what is yet to come.

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director
Elevated Existence Magazine

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