Brene Brown Talks “Rising Strong” With Time Magazine

In a recent interview with Time Magazine to promote her new book “Rising Strong,” Brene Brown explained the difference between guilt and shame, and opened up about her own experiences with failure.

“People look at the success of “Daring Greatly” or “The Gifts of Imperfection” and think, Oh man, this has worked out really well. But I self-published my first book. I could wallpaper this building with ‘As sexy as a rising-strong-brene-brownbook about shame sounds, we’re going to pass’ letters,” Brown said in the interview. “I borrowed money from my parents and sold copies out of my trunk. And then I got a book deal, and that book failed.”

In her new book “Rising Strong,” she set out to tackle the common thread between men and women who have experienced falls, but get back up. What she found was those who are “the most capable of being uncomfortable rise the fastest,” she told Time Magazine.

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