Elevated Existence January 2017 Spiritual, Self-Help Book Picks

Each month, a ton of new spiritual and self-help books hit the market. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or miss out on some new releases.

We created Elevated Existence Monthly Book Picks to help our readers narrow down their search, and make sure they don’t miss some great options!

Here are the picks for January 2017. They are listed below in alphabetical order. Click on each title to go directly to Amazon and find out more about the book.

beautiful-money“Beautiful Money: The 4-Week Total Wealth Makeover,” by Leanne Jacobs
Learn how to stop chasing money and start creating joyful, powerful and meaningful wealth with Leanne Jacobs book that takes a holistic approach to increasing your net worth. Her Beautiful Money program goes beyond explaining how to make more money, streamline personal finances and learning how to invest and budge. It also shares that in order to achieve true wealth, you must connect and align your inner self with clear and specific external actions.


beyond-mars-and-venus“Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skills for Today’s Complex World,” by John Gray
The bestselling author of “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus,” John Gray takes a more modern look at the keys to a healthy relationship. It takes the Mars-Venus framework to the next level, helping readers take their relationship to a more profound level of intimacy. He uses real-life examples and simple exercises to learn how to bring you and your partner closer.


the-heart-of-aromatherapy“The Heart of Aromatherapy: An Easy to Use Guide for Essential Oils,” by Andrea Butje
Aromahead Institute founder, Andrea Butje, details 40 essential oils, including the aroma, uses and safety tips for each, as well as the core physical and emotional supportive properties. It includes over 100 recipes for skin care, rest and relaxation, respiratory health, digestion, pain relief, meditation and contemplation, and more.


IKnowHowShe_CVF.indd“I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time,” by Laura Vanderkam
Author of “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast,” and time management expert, Laura Vanderkam, set out to see how women balance, work, family and more in this new book. She collected hour-by-hour time logs from 1,001 days in the lives of women who make at least $100,000 a year, and found some surprising patterns of how they spend the 168 hours in a week.


neurowisdom“NeuroWisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness & Success,” by Mark Robert Waldman and Chris Manning PhD
Adapted from a business school course created for professions, bestselling author Mark Robert Waldman and Chris Manning offer simple brain exercises based on the latest neuroscience research on how to improve all parts of life, including how we think and how we feel. Learn exercises to help reduce neurological stress and increase happiness, motivation and productivity. It turns the worry circuits of the brain off and the optimism circuits on.


the-one-life-were-given-small“The One Life Wer’e Given: Finding the Wisdom that Waits in Your Heart,” by Mark Nepo
In the same short-chapter format of his New York Times bestselling book “The Book of Awakening,” Mark Nepo’s new book, which maps an insightful path for inhabiting the soul by engaging in the world. He offers personal stories, questions and meditations to take the reader on an uplifting journey



the-power-of-why-small“The Power of Why,” by Amanda Lang
Author Amanda Lang show how curiosity and the ability to ask the right questions fuels innovation and can drive change in our personal lives and in business. Learn why the common methods of brainstorming don’t actually work and how to harness and develop the power of curiosity. She reveals how a major retailer set out to discover what really makes men happy—and was stunned by the results. She finds out why, at one particular hospital, nurses think it’s better if they don’t wash their hands. This book will challenge conventional wisdom and offer practical, inspiring advice.


the-worry-free-mind-small“The Worry-Free Mind: Train Your Brain, Calm the Stress Spin Cycle, and Discover a Happier, More Productive You,” by Carol Kershaw and Bill Wade
Learn how to overcome your tendency to worry every day using powerful tools to show how you can access your inner resources, lower stress, calm your reactive mind and more. You will learn how to unleash your brain’s superpowers in minutes; shatter the illusions that keep you in a constant state of worry; recondition your mind to a new state of being; discover how your brain chemistry works to tap into natural bliss; and shift your internal states to change your biology.