What are You Really Hungry For?

By Lindsey Smith

A few years ago, I remember having this really awesome day. One of those days where you just feel so fulfilled in every aspect of life. My career was in check, my health was on point, and I felt like everything was in alignment.

On the way home from a meeting, I stopped at the local farmer’s market and grabbed some fresh veggies for dinner that evening. I got home and made this wonderful spread and meals for the week. I sat down and ate very mindfully and with such gratitude.

Everything about this day was perfect.

Then 8 p.m. came. I noticed myself urging for something more. So I headed to the fridge. I opened the door and looked inside. Nothing was looking too appetizing. So I opened the freezer and noticed a pint of my favorite vegan ice cream. Just as I was about to grab the container, I froze. I thought to myself, “Lindsey, you just had an awesome day, and a wonderful homemade dinner. You’re not starved so what are you really hungry for?”

Those six words, “What are you really hungry for?” changed my life.

Although I had an awesome day, a delicious and healthy meal, and so many other things, the truth is — I was lonely. I came home to an empty house. My family lived an hour away from me, and I didn’t talk to a single friend or family member at all that day.

So when I asked myself this question, I realized the vegan ice cream could never satisfy my deeper craving of being heard. I just wanted someone to share and listen.

Instead of the sugary ice cream, I settled for calling one of my friends and saying, “Hey, can you just hear me out. I had a great day, and I just want to share with someone.”

So the next time you find yourself headed to the fridge or the pantry, ask yourself, “What are you really hungry for?”

The answer just might surprise you.

Lindsey_SmithLindsey Smith, known as the “food mood girl” works with people who have a habit of looking to food for all the wrong nutrients: comfort, reward, fun and acceptance. Through speaking and coaching she motivates, equips and inspires people to sort out their relationships with food so they can live a healthy, balanced life. She is also the author of “Junk Foods & Junk Moods: Stop Craving and Start Living!,” and “Bliss Cleanse: Your Two Week Mind, Body, Spirit Guide to Greater Health & Happiness.” Connect with Smith via her Web site, www.FoodMoodGirl.com, on Facebook and Twitter @LindseySmithHHC.