New UNREAL Candy Backed by Celebrites

Celebrities including supermodel Gisele, her husband Tom Brady, Matt Damon, John Legend, and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey all have something in common – they are endorsing a new, all-natural candy company called UNREAL (see video below).

The company is on a mission to create, “candy unjunked” – meaning candy without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, including GMOs, corn syrup and hydrogenated fats. Instead, it uses real cane sugar, milk, peanuts and cacao. In fact, UNREAL managed to reduce sugar by more than 40 percent on average compared to the typical candy bar, and all of the ingredients they use are responsibly sourced, according to their Web site

“UNREAL has done it with candy. And if they can do it with candy, we can do it with anything,” Dr. Mark Hyman, Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine said in a recent article on

And the company isn’t stopping at candy. UNREAL plans to create snacks, breakfast foods and soda in the future to offer healthy alternatives that taste good!

The candy is available in a variety of stores including CVS, Walgreens, FredMeyer, Kroger, Ralph’s, RiteAid and Staples.