New York Giant Victor Cruz on Meditation

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post on the release of his Showtime documentary “I am Giant: Victor Cruz,” the New York Giant talked about an injury from last October, how he deals with stress, insecurity and more.

And one of the tools he relies on is meditation.

“I’ve really gotten into this form of meditation a friend of mine put me on to. It’s really been beneficial. It’s called mantra meditation,” said Cruz. “You’re given a mantra and you repeat that mantra in your head with your eyes closed for a duration of time. It allows you to clear your mind and answer those questions internally about how you’re feeling about different things you may be facing.

He continued: “It’ll surprise you, the things you think about in this state. I’ve thought about things from when I was 6, 7 years old. It helps me keep a level head and stay honest with myself and understand where I want to go in my life.”

He also shared how life’s ups and downs have taught him to “stay diligent” and “focused on the prize.”

“No matter what things you go through, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel,” Cruz told The Huffington Post. “You just have to continue to inspire yourself to reach that end. Of all the ups and downs I went though, I never lost faith in what I wanted to accomplish and achieve at every level. Every level, I had a set parameter of what I wanted to accomplish. I accomplished those things, but obviously the path wasn’t the easiest. The biggest thing is that I finished.”