Wild Divine to Host Group Cyber Meditation on Facebook

For those with a iOM feedback system from Wild Divine, the company will begin hosting group cyber meditations on its Facebook page.

The event, called iOM Online will run on a similar platform to the company’s regular software, but it’s been created to run within Facebook for a multi-player environment.

“iOM Online takes meditation to whole new, global level,” said Kyle Widner, president and CEO of Wild Divine. “Imagine a world where you can connect with people you know and people you want to know in a revolutionary new way that no one has been able to bring to you before. You’ll actually be able to see into the mind and heart of the people you meditate with…even if you’re thousands of miles apart and from different cultures, with iOM Online on Facebook, you can make a never before experienced connection.”

By using the Wild Divine Software Platform and the iOM interface, a person will get immediate “active feedback,” because the system picks up physiological energy from the body and translates it into “psychic” energy through the iOM, an interface that passively attaches to three fingers, according to the company.

Step-by-step interactive instructions will be provided, and as a participant in Wild Divine’s group cyber meditation, people will get feedback on how much progress they have made by reading their vital functions – and will also see how the group is progressing.

And what makes it even better is every time the group completes a series of group goals together, five charitable causes will receive a donation.

To participate a person needs to be a Wild Divine Facebook fan (http://www.facebook.com/wild.divine.fans) and have an iOM installed on his or her computer.

For more information, visit www.wilddivine.com.