New Website Offers Discounts on Yoga Products and More

Featuring yoga-inspired and natural health products and services, the new Website offers discounts on a variety of products from yoga apparel, fitness equipment, health and diet books, skin treatments, music, holistic dentistry, essential oils and more!

In addition to deals, the site also offers free and low-cost local meet-up events, online education and live Expos.

“ is truly designed for those who enjoy yoga, natural health, fitness, self-discovery, metaphysics, the law of attraction and supporting non-profits,” said CEO, Gina Macaluso. “We wanted to build a fun place for yoginis online and in person to come together and share their experiences in the pursuit of health and happiness.”

Current subscribers receive inspiration in their inboxes letting them know when new deals are released or when educational videos and articles are posted. They will also be notified when live events are launched.

To register for free visit: