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The Chopra Center Launches Online Happiness Course

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing launched a new online course – “Awaken to Happiness” – a FREE eight-week interactive course created for anyone who would like to experience more happiness, fulfillment and love in their lives, according to the company.

Over the eight-week series, participants will receive a weekly email with a link to the week’s happiness lesson, which includes a guided meditation, video instruction, intention-setting exercises, and other powerful exercises for cultivating a deep experience of happiness and purpose in life. Additionally, through the Chopra Center’s Facebook page, participants will also have an opportunity to share their experiences and be part of a supportive global community.

“The Awaken to Happiness Series is designed to help people experience the happiness that doesn’t depend on external circumstances or events but that is part of our essential nature,” said Chopra Center co-founder Dr. Deepak Chopra. “One of the most common myths about happiness is that if we get what we want – if we achieve success, get the promotion, find a partner, have a child, or fulfill our heart’s desire – then we will be happy. This turns out to be false. As researchers have found, it is the other way around: People who are happy tend to experience greater success, better health and more loving relationships.”

Chopra’s top recommendations for creating a happy life are:

— Meditation, which opens up deeper levels of the mind.

— Taking actions that benefit others

— Social relationships that support intimacy and bonding

— Taking enjoyment in natural beauty

— Having a vision of personal fulfillment that you follow every day

— Aiming for inner fulfillment rather than external fulfillment

— Reducing stress

— Taking time for peaceful reflection

— Learning to love your own company

— Resolving conflicts, both inner and outer, rather than letting them build up

— Paying one’s debt to the past, which means healing old hurts and grievances

— Stepping away from group think and second-hand opinions

— Cultivating kindness and compassion

—  Being generous of spirit, learning to give

Registration for the eight-week “Awaken to Happiness” series is available now through August 5.

Learn more and register here.


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