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Spiritual Children's Books

“The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation,” by Licia Morelli

An introduction to meditation and mindfulness for young readers, this children’s book tells the story of Emma and Henry. After school, Emma likes to come home, sit still and rest. But her brother Henry is the total opposite. She calls him the Lemonade Hurricane, a metaphor for what lemonade looks like when you stir it up and the pulps swirls around. However, when it becomes still, the liquid becomes clear.

Emma thinks Henry is actually a lot of fun when he isn’t running all over the house. One day she decides to teach him how to sit, bow and breath, in order to calm the hurricane that is her brother — and she succeeds. In addition to the story, the back of the book offers simple mindfulness techniques for use at home or in the classroom with children.

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