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Spiritual Children's Books

Two New Conscious Parenting Children’s Books

We found two new children’s books for conscious parents to share with their kids. The first is “The Day an Angel Ran into My Room,” by Anabelle Valenzuela. It tells the story of six-year-old Alessandra, who meets her guardian angel in her bedroom after asking her mother if she could stay up for an extra five minutes.

The angel explains how every person is very important in the universe, how every action we take causes a reaction, the importance of visualization, and much more. The story teaches children that they are never alone, that we all have a guardian angel by our side, and how our thoughts and actions have the power to change our world.

princess-addisonThe second book, “Princess Addison Gets Angry” by Molly Martin, is a short book depicting a princess who gets very angry when it’s starts to rain and she can’t play outside. She throws a tantrum, and her mother explains to her how there are better ways to vent her feelings.

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