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VIDEO: “Beautiful Girl,” Children’s Book by Dr. Christiane Northrup

In her first children’s book, “Beautiful Girl,” Christiane Northrup, M.D., presents the message to little girls that being born a girl is a special thing – including magical gifts and powers that must be recognized and nurtured. “Beautiful Girl” teaches little girls the importance of treating themselves with gentle care, and how changes are just part of growing up, according to the author.

The goal is for little girls to learn how to value the uniqueness of their bodies and how they will offer positive benefits all of their lives.

“It is designed for little girls ages two to five to imprint positive healthy messages about their body, the kind of thing that sets the stage for your health for a lifetime,” Northrup says in the below video.

For a limited time, anyone who purchases the book will get free access to Northrup’s live online 2-hour event “Feeling Beautiful,” which is designed to help women repair their body images, on January 24. 2013.

See Northrup explain the book and upcoming seminar in the video below:

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