Love Your Body Once and For All

By Lindsey Smith

So often, we lash out at our bodies. We are always looking for a better figure, a better completion, or a better feature. This cycle of psychosis can be exhausting and leave us feeling depleted physically, mentally, and even spiritually.

However, learning to appreciate our bodies and ourselves is one of the highest forms of self-love we can express to both others and ourselves. By appreciating who we are, we in turn, give others permission to do the same. This then eventually starts a ripple effect of personal transformation, acceptance and self-love.

Here are some fun and unique ways to shed the comparisons and start appreciating who you really are:

1. Create a beauty jar or journal. While I absolutely love my gratitude and success journals, I recently got the idea of creating a beauty jar or journal for a client of mine. Every time you hear yourself lash out at your body, instead, think of one thing you like and appreciate, and put it in a jar or write it in a journal. Over time, you will have built up a collection of amazing attributes you have. This is something you can call upon as a “body confidence boost” when you are feeling discouraged about your body for any reason.

2. Practice Mini-Meditations. I used to think meditating meant sitting on a meditation pillow or a rock in solitude for 30 to 60 minutes with my legs crossed and my palms faced up. After many years of practice and meditation, I soon realized you can meditate just about anywhere and anytime – grabbing a cup of tea, dropping the kids off at school, or even checking e-mail. Meditation is a moment-by-moment experience and choice. Practice taking mini-meditations throughout the day by acknowledging your breath and slowing down. When things get stressful, take 20 seconds for a mini-meditation session. This will help you re-center and re-focus.

3. Have FUN. Do one thing you absolutely love to do every week that you rarely get a chance to do. If you love jumping rope, jump rope. If you have fun dancing, go dancing. If you love knitting, then knit. This will help break up monotonous routines and re-focus your energy on something that truly makes you happy.

Lindsey Smith, known as the “food mood girl” works with people who have a habit of looking to food for all the wrong nutrients: comfort, reward, fun and acceptance. Through speaking and coaching she motivates, equips and inspires people to sort out their relationships with food so they can live a healthy, balanced life. She is also the author of “Junk Foods & Junk Moods: Stop Craving and Start Living!” Connect with Smith via her Web site,, on Facebook and Twitter @LindseySmithHHC.