Zen 180 Launches Meditation & Brain Enhancement App

Zen180 launched the free Zen180 App helping people get focused, creative, and handle everyday stresses of living. The app provides background audio to use while meditating, reading, studying, doing homework, or trying to relax, and features five different cognitive enhancing audio programs, including Focused, Creative, Awakened, Relaxed and Romantic Mind. The main audio Focused is a free track, and the other four are available for 99 cents each or $1.99 for all four.

The app uses exclusive 3D binaural beats to mimic the desired state of mind and help a person meditate on a deeper level with brain enhancement audio technology to augment the 5 natural brain wave patterns: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma. Each track offers a time period (from 5 minutes to 30 minutes), and Zen180 recommends using stereo headphones, since the app will not work properly with regular speakers. The idea is to listen to the audio track with headphones while you trying to focus on a task or to meditate.

The Creative Mind track is meant to help creative people, such as writers and musicians, overcome the dreaded “writer’s block” or other creativity hang-ups and free the mind for new ideas and directions. The Awakened Mind track helps students, frequent travelers, workaholics, and party animals pep up after a red-eye flight or late night out so they are ready to work the next day. The Romantic Mind track will bring one closer to loved ones and the Relaxed Mind track can help completely relax and let go of problems when over-stressed. ”

For more information visit http://www.zen180.com/.