Editor’s Advice: 5 Ways to Start Your Day in a Positive Light

We asked our Facebook friends to share some of their morning
routines used to start the day in a positive way, and we got some great ideas – from welcoming in spirit guides to watch over us during the day to doing the five Tibetan rites. But find it’s hard enough to just get out the door on time!

I’m guilty of failing into that trap myself – I want to get up early and meditate, but when the alarm goes off, it’s just too tempting to hit the snooze button! However, I know when I do make the effort, it always pays off. So here are just a few things that can be easily incorporated into even the most busy lifestyle … and if you can manage to squeeze in 15 minutes of meditation, all the better!

— Begin with Gratitude. Take a couple of minutes after you wake up to lay in bed and make a mental list of five things you are grateful for that morning. Send gratitude and thanks to the people or situations involved, and if you are really running late, you can make the mental list while in the shower or while you’re getting dressed. It will put you into the mode of gratitude, and that is the best place to start attracting for the day!

— Start your day with inspiration. For five minutes, sit and read through a positive book or passage – short stories or books with quotes or passages per day work really well (or read through one of the free articles on our Web site!)

— Move the Body. Get your energy flowing with a few yoga poses or sun salutations to connect your mind, body and spirit, or as one of my favorite author’s and teachers, Sonia Choquette, recommends – turn on some music and just dance to ground your spirit in the body! Short on time? Dance while you’re brushing your teeth!

— Ask for Assistance. We have all heard the phrase, “ask and you shall receive,” but how many of us actually ask? Often we are so caught up in our everyday lives, problems and challenges, that while we are busy trying to solve them with our mind, we forget to call on the higher power of spirit. Before you get up from bed, take 60 seconds to picture yourself surrounded by white light, and ask your higher self, and whatever higher power you believe in, to protect you and assist you in all you face that day. And then trust that you will receive that assistance!

Meditate or Practice Breathing Exercises. Ideally, most experts recommend we take at least 20 minutes out of our morning routine to quiet the mind through meditation, but if you are really in a crunch, even five minutes can be beneficial. And if meditation isn’t something you are comfortable with, try deep breathing exercises. You can read more on meditation in our free preview article “Finding the Right Meditation for You,” and on breathing exercises in the free preview article “The Power of Conscious Breathing.”

Here’s to starting the day of right – in a positive light!

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher and Editorial Director
Elevated Existence Magazine