VIDEO: How to Call in Elevated Help

Have you ever struggled to make a decision on something?

Have you ever wished things in your life could run more smoothly or easily?

Well, then let me share with you my secret weapon — I call it my “Elevated Reinforcements,” and we ALL have access to it.

I’m talking about our angels, guides, loved ones who have passed on, and all those on the other side helping us navigate this life. When we remember to ask for their help, miracles happen!

I call them in every morning AND in specific situations where I need some extra help in the moment, and they continue to amaze me every day. In this video I share how you can do the same and give you examples on who you can call on for different scenarios.

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Editor’s Advice: Cut the Cords Drawing You Back to People, Food & More

By Tammy Mastroberte, Founder, Elevated Existence Magazine

Have you ever been in a relationship – romantic or friendship – and you know it’s not good for you anymore, but just can’t seem to let go? Do you keep getting into debt and can’t seem to catch up no matter how much more money you make? Does sugar have a hold on you?

I recently interviewed bestselling author and angel communicator Doreen Virtue for the Elevated Existence Magazine March 2014 cover story, and while I learned a lot from the interview, one of the things that stood out was her advice about cutting the energetic cords that tie us to people, substances and situations in our lives.

I have heard about cords forming between two people in a relationship, but had not really made the connection to other things in our life, so this was a light bulb moment for me.

She told me, “When you keep going back to anyone or anything that is harmful to you, you’ve got to cut the cord. Whether it’s sugar, an ex-boyfriend or you keep going into debt, there is an attachment of fear energy there like a leash, and it just keeps drawing you back again.”

I’ve written and spoken about “elevated reinforcements,” which is my term for calling in divine assistance from our angels, guides or loved ones who have passed. I call on my reinforcements any time I need them, and even call them in every morning after my meditation to ensure protection and guidance throughout my day. Well, it’s the same thing with cutting energetic cords – all we have to do is ask!

Virtue told me Archangel Michael is the angel to call upon when looking to cut the cords to anything in our lives, and if it’s a cord to a substance or food, also calling in Archangel Raphael can be helpful, as he is the specialist when it comes to healing of any kind.

All we have to do is call on Archangel Michael, saying: “Archangel Michael, please cut the cords of fear between me and [fill in the blank].”

Sometimes it’s a one and done process, but other times we need to ask over and over to break the attachment because we may unknowingly choose to take it back, Virtue said. She called upon Archangel Michael and Raphael to cut the cords between her and chocolate because she was getting headaches, acne and more from it, but couldn’t break free from the habit. For her, asking once providing an instant healing and she hasn’t craved it since!

Navigating this world as a soul in human form is not an easy task, but knowing we have assistance waiting in the wings can make the road a lot less bumpy! This week, pick one cord you know is draining your energy and ask Archangel Michael for help – and keep asking until you feel lighter, more free, and less controlled by it.

You will be amazed how much better you feel, and how much your faith in your “elevated reinforcements” will grow!

Tammy_Mastroberte_headshotTammy Mastroberte is a three-time, award-winning writer, founder of Elevated Existence, and publisher and editorial director of the multi-award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine. She started the new age, spiritual and self-improvement publication at age 30 – eight years after the sudden death of her mother from a brain aneurysm only three days after Christmas in 1999. This tragedy led her down a synchronistic path to discover her purpose and the meaning behind many of the events in her life – including her mother’s death. She now shares her guidance, and the wisdom of today’s top authors and spiritual celebrities through Elevated Existence Magazine. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter: @ElevatedTammy on Instagram: elevatedtammy. For more information, visit