Elevated Existence Picks Aromatherapy Sprays for Meditation

When sitting down for meditation, whether in a room dedicated to the practice or the corner of a bedroom or living room, aromatherapy sprays can help set the tone for relaxation in mind and body, as well as awakening the spirit within.

Below are three of Elevated Existence’s picks!

CrownChakraDivine Mind: Crown Chakra Spray
Activate the crown or seventh chakra with this spray to assist in connecting your mind with the divine during meditation, created by award-winning author of “Chakra Awakening,” Margaret Ann Lembo. www.thecrystalgardenstore.com; $18.


Chakra_Khan_HighResChakra Khan Mist
A blend of mind elevating cedarwood and mild sweet orange assist with mental and emotional balance, helping the body release nervous tension. www.sister-bliss.com; 4-ounce, $18.00.


chopraChopra Center Rupa Relaxing Mist
A mix of grounding essential oils of Patchouili, Vetiver and Basil, this mist helps quiet the mind, relieve stress and balance the Vata mind-body type in Ayurveda. www.store.chopra.com; 8-ounce, $25.00.