Elevated Existence Picks Aromatherapy Sprays for Meditation

When sitting down for meditation, whether in a room dedicated to the practice or the corner of a bedroom or living room, aromatherapy sprays can help set the tone for relaxation in mind and body, as well as awakening the spirit within.

Below are three of Elevated Existence’s picks!

CrownChakraDivine Mind: Crown Chakra Spray
Activate the crown or seventh chakra with this spray to assist in connecting your mind with the divine during meditation, created by award-winning author of “Chakra Awakening,” Margaret Ann Lembo. www.thecrystalgardenstore.com; $18.


Chakra_Khan_HighResChakra Khan Mist
A blend of mind elevating cedarwood and mild sweet orange assist with mental and emotional balance, helping the body release nervous tension. www.sister-bliss.com; 4-ounce, $18.00.


chopraChopra Center Rupa Relaxing Mist
A mix of grounding essential oils of Patchouili, Vetiver and Basil, this mist helps quiet the mind, relieve stress and balance the Vata mind-body type in Ayurveda. www.store.chopra.com; 8-ounce, $25.00.


The Crystal Garden Aromatherapy Sprays & Mists

Aromatherapy can change the energy of a room, have an effect on our mood, and so much more. Margaret Ann Lembo, aromatherapist and award-winning author of “Chakra Awakening,” and “The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones,” created a line of therapeutic-quality, medical grade essential oils and aromatic mists that are unlike anything we have seen before!

From mists to call in certain angels, such as her award-winning Archangel Raphael spray to a Prosperity Mist helping to increase success in business and improve mental clarity, her blends are unique and can be helpful for a variety of spiritual needs. Her tagline is “Healing the Planet One Spritz at a Time.”

The majority of the formulas include medical grade oils, gemstone tinctures, holy waters and sacred site essences from around the world, as well as Bach Flower essences, Vibhuti and Aura Soma.

We especially like the Sage and Cedar Spray to help clear out negativity, anger, jealousy and unwanted thought forms, and the Smudge it Spray, which also clears a space and can be used instead of burning sage.

View all of the varieties, including her line of essential oils at www.thecrystalgardenstore.com — and stay tuned for her new Chakra Spray series out this month!


Aromatherapy Inhalers

Plant Extracts International – known for aromatherapy and diffusers – recently introduced inhaler blends that can be carried on the go!

Available in 10 varieties, the inhalers are created with essential oils, and each serves a different purpose. Breathe is a variety for support of the respiratory system with an invigorating Niaouli Melabelend of oils, while Calm includes a blend of Callitris, Boswellia and Lavandula.

They are available in custom blends, like Citrus, Yoga, Un-Nausea, and Calm, as well as single scents of Ginger, Lavender, Mandarin and Marjoram.

We recommend the set of six for $29.95, which allows you to sample some of their best blends!

Three Alternative Therapies for Pain Relief

For people seeking alternatives to traditional medicine or medication for pain will be happy to know that studies on a variety of alternative methods are showing promising results. Presenters at the recent EFIC Congress “Pain in Europe VII” stated that acupuncture, acupressure and aromatherapy can be efficient in reducing pain, according to a recent report from Emaxhealth.com.

At the EFIC Congress, Professor Edzard Ernst from Exeter, UK, said some studies regarding acupuncture, acupressure, and aromatherapy have been shown to reduce pain, and presenter, Dr. Winfried Meissner of Jena, Germany, said acupuncture used after surgery can provide a moderate reduction in pain.

“Our own studies show that acupuncture…produces similar effects in the brain as pain relievers. There is a clear indication of a specific analgesic effect through acupuncture,” the report stated.

Also, Dr. Konrad Streitberger of Bern, Switzerland said: “Studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) showed that real acupuncture not only causes stronger activation or deactivation response patterns than placebo treatment in pain associated areas of the brain, but also that this effect can be modulated by a positive expectation.”

The Emaxhealth.com report also noted a study on aromatherapy in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, where researchers tested whether lavender oil aromatherapy could reduce the pain of needle insertion in 30 volunteers. One group received oxygen using a face mask coated with lavender oil for 5 minutes, and the other did not, and those with the face mask “had significantly reduced pain and stress associated with needle insertion compared with controls,” the report stated.

Another study in the same journal tested aromatherapy in combination with acupressure, used on stroke patients with hemiplegic shoulder pain. “One group received aromatherapy (lavender, rosemary, and peppermint) and acupressure treatments twice daily for two weeks, while a second group received the same amount of treatments, but with acupressure only. Although patients in both groups reported a marked reduction in pain after treatment, patients in the aromatherapy plus acupressure group fared better,” the report stated.