Panache Desai: Discovering Your Soul Signature – Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Joy

by Jennifer McCartney

Do you feel exhausted and weighed down by the circumstances of your life? Do you subject yourself to an endless stream of self-judgment and criticism? Do you feel the energy of fear tightening its grip on you more each day?

Each time life throws emotional obstacles in your way, your soul signature – your spiritual DNA – becomes blocked. Anger, shame, fear, guilt, sadness, or despair overtakes you, creating a heaviness that doesn’t permit your energy to flow freely.

But all is not lost. For listeners at the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” Panache Desai—spiritual teacher and author of Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion and Joy—explained how discovering your unique soul signature can reignite a life of authenticity, rediscover your passion, and tap into the limitless possibility of all things.

“The function of spiritual practice in its most basic level is for an individual to help them come into the experience of themselves as more than just a body and a mind,” said Desai. Once practitioners are aware of themselves as a soul—once they’ve uncovered their soul signature or the unique expression of who they are at their core—they’re able to live their fullest life and embrace their true humanity, leading to greater health and happiness.

“What we’re doing is offering people access, authentically, to who they are at their core,” Desai explained on the call. “Sometimes people have some grandiose notion of their life’s purpose. You’re purpose is to be yourself…the more you can lovingly accept yourself, and engage the part of you that’s divine, you don’t have any mundane moments…You’re doing everything from a place of connection, from a place of awareness, and you truly become alive.”

Desai addressed many listeners who feel they are “stuck” and can’t move forward in certain areas of their life. We learn to get “stuck” very early in life, he said. “The way we learn to get stuck is through our conditioning—we learn from our family. Then at school. And society.” But we don’t become “unstuck” by seeking superficial solutions. It starts with acceptance of where we are and what we feel at the moment. Rather than running away from or suppressing our emotions, we must feel them and release them.

Desai told listeners that uncovering our soul signature requires three steps:

  • The first is a willingness to look
  • The second is a willingness to feel and experience
  • The third is to allow the feeling to be there (not fighting the feeling)

“Whether it’s depression, grief, fear, rage, or whatever, it’s about being available to the emotion, and accepting of it,” he said. “Dealing with the loss of physical attachment in grief, you can begin to access something deeper…because you’re not going to be in it all the time. There comes a point where the intensity of the emotion will begin to diminish.”

By feeling those emotions and letting them flow through us, we will be left with only love, which is the authentic self. “Befriend your humanity,” said Desai. “The part that everyone’s missing, is that the doorway to our divinity is through our humanity. We have to lovingly go through our humanity in order to access our divinity.”

When we discover this, we will realize we are more than just a body and a mind — we are a soul. “Our soul exists on a level of perfection,” he said. “And the more we can begin to embrace and accept the parts we believe aren’t perfect, the more we move into harmony with our innate potential, and the more we’re able to unleash it in the world.”

Putting it into Practice
Desai also led listeners through a practice of exploring their energy and uncovering their soul signatures.

“Think of the person in your life that you believe has hurt you the most,” he advised listeners. “Just breathe and relax your body. And begin to get present to what’s going on inside your body. Focus on how the body feels—whether it’s a tightness in the body—focus on it, and everything associated with that energy collapses. Everything that’s left in us we have to turn and feel.”

While he noted at times we won’t feel a shift right away, we should allow ourselves to be open to whatever it is we are feeling, and to not resist any pain, physical or otherwise. “When that density has been felt, the physical pain goes away,” he said. Desai’s program offered through the Living an Elevated Existence Summit is about consistency and commitment—for about half an hour morning and night, listeners hear a recording designed to address the density inside them and help access their soul signature.

“If you haven’t discovered your soul signature, you’re lost,” he said. However, by uncovering it, and accepting our true humanity, Desai said enlightenment is within reach.

“When you’re experiencing peace, you’re experiencing your enlightenment,” he said.