The Soul Lives On

My mother passed away suddenly in 1999, and since then, I continually find comfort and peace from the signs she sends, letting me know she is still around me. Whether it’s in dreams, songs on the radio or advice she offers through a medium, my mother has proven to me time and again how the human body dies, but the soul lives on.

When Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away on August 20, 2015, millions mourned his loss. He touched the lives of so many, and I was lucky enough to interview him in 2011 when Elevated Existence presented him with its annual Spiritual Service Award. He lived what he taught, and left behind teachings that will continue to help and inspire millions for generations to come.

Although Wayne Dyer may have left his physical body, he is not done teaching others. In the June 2016 Issue, I interviewed two of his daughters, Serena and Saje Dyer, and fellow Hay House author and psychic medium Karen Noe, to reveal messages — both personal to his family and universal — he has shared since his passing.

“My relationship with my dad didn’t end on August 30, it just changed, and I can communicate with him in a different way. I can feel him in a different way, and I’m just choosing to see it as a beautiful thing and not an end,” Saje Dyer shares in the June 2016 cover story.

Layout 1Not only has Wayne Dyer sent a number of signs to his family since his passing, letting them know he is still around, but through Noe, many of his family members have received personal and touching messages — some which they share in this issue. He was most excited to share how he discovered the work he did while on Earth was the right path for him, and he confirmed much of what he taught on the other side.

“He said it was really all about love, and coming from a place of love. It’s all that matters,” Serena Dyer says. “You take with you the love, and he tried to teach that and get people to experience that. He felt happy to know that was right, and shared he is doing even more work now.”

One of the most important messages Dyer asked his family and Noe to communicate on his behalf was that he now has the ability to be present for whoever needs him at a moment’s notice. He is only a thought away.

“One thing he really wanted us to communicate on his behalf is you just have to have a thought of him and he will be there,” Serena shares. “And you don’t have to be his child or his wife or a family member to have that. He could be there for anybody now, and he wanted that to be known. He brought it up multiple times. He wants people to know he is there for them.”

I hope you find comfort in the messages and teachings Dyer and his family share in the June 2016 issue. And know that all our loved ones on the other side remain with us, and we all have the ability to open ourselves up to the signs they send letting us know.

Elevated Existence Remembers Dr. Wayne Dyer

On August 30, 2015, bestselling author and beloved spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away. Although he was public with his struggle with leukemia, and despite other online reports, Dyer was the healthiest he had been in years, keeping a very active schedule — he had just returned from Australia and New Zealand where he lectured in front of thousands of people. His death was officially attributed to heart failure.

In a recent Facebook post, his daughter Saje Dyer wrote:

“I am so proud and awed to announce that after the autopsy that was performed on my Dad to discover the cause of death, we were told that there was absolutely no trace of Leukemia. When he was diagnosed with Leukemia we were told that this particular type was incurable. However he always believed that he had cured himself through spiritual healings and positive belief. This is confirmation that everything he said and believed was true. Many people have been saying that he should have treated his Leukemia and that he would probably still be alive today had he done so. Please spread the word that this is not the case because I feel it is an insult to his memory and to his life’s work to say that he passed away due to his Leukemia.”

In December 2011, Elevated Existence honored Dyer, with the annual Elevated Existence Spiritual Service Award, for all the work he had done to inspire, elevate and shift the awareness of others to a higher consciousness. As part of the award, the magazine featured an exclusive interview with Dyer as its cover story that month. (Download our new “Best of Issue” FREE to read the full interview).

During the interview, Elevated Existence founder, Tammy Mastroberte, asked Dyer: “You have been called “The Father of Motivation,” and people look up to you. In many ways they view you as untouchable, as if nothing bad can ever happen to you. When you found out about the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, how did you deal with it? And how do you deal with the public who, I believe, sometimes forgets you are a human being like everyone else?”

“I’ve never said that if you follow what I say that you’re never going to die because everything that shows up in the physical world, leaves,” he said in response. “The question isn’t whether you’re going to be sick or have disease, the question is how do you live your life every day. I think if you live it from a place of recognizing that at the highest place within you, you are God, then you can’t have anything better than that.

Dyer also spoke about the movie “My Greatest Teacher,” based on a defining moment in his life where he visits the grave of his father who had abandoned as a young boy. At the grave, which he visited with the intention of unleashing all his anger and hatred, he found himself overcome with inexplicable feelings of love and forgiveness, and he credited this experience for changing the course of his life.

WayneWDyer“The reason it was a turning point in my life is, right after I left my father’s grave in August, 1974, I rented a motel room and wrote a book called, “Your Erroneous Zones” in 14 days from beginning to end. I just handwrote the whole thing, and it went on to become a worldwide best-seller, and still is to this day,” he told Elevated Existence. “Everything in my life changed after that because I got the rage out of my heart, and I filled it with love. I sent love to this man who I previously had always sent hatred towards, and when you fill yourself with love, you become aligned with your source. You become aligned with God, and that alignment is what I think made all the shifts in my life.”

The date of the visit to his father’s grave was August 30, 1974. On the exact same day, 41 years later, Dyer passed on.

“In order to change, in order to elevate your consciousness, which your magazine talks about, you have to change things that you’ve come to believe are true, and really understand that the highest place within yourself is God. That’s who you are,” he told Elevated Existence in that 2011 interview. “So if you change the way you think, if you literally change the way you process the world to be love, your subconscious mind will begin to align with the one subconscious mind that we are all connected to, and you’ll start seeing those things show up for you. It has to work that way. I think a lot of people get caught up with having money show up, and greed and so on, and it’s not about any of that. it’s about love. Pure love.”

memoriesBefore passing, Dyer had returned to Maui to spend time with his family before the launch of his newest book Memories of Heaven: Children’s Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth,” which is set to be released in October of this year.

Click here to watch a video of Wayne Dyer’s last lecture before he passed away, where he spoke about the book!

“When I asked Dr. Dyer what the favorite part of his work was so far during that 2011 interview, he told me it was how his work changed people’s lives,” said Mastroberte. “Even though he has left his physical body, I know his spirit lives on, and will continue changing lives for many years to come.”

“Just knowing that your making a difference in the lives of other people is the most gracious, fun-filled, love experience that you can have,” he said in the interview.

Dr. Wayne Dyer Shares Insights from His New Book

On June 26, 2012, Dr. Wayne Dyer announced to his children that he was no longer going to write books. He said he was done with that part of his life, and was ready to move into a new phase. But on June 27, 2012, he woke up and started writing. And found he couldn’t stop even if he tried. The result is his newest book, “I Can See Clearly Now.”

“On the 27th of June, I woke up and I started writing, and I wrote for like five months in a row, every single day, morning, noon and night. I just couldn’t bring myself to stop writing,” he said on a media conference call in December 2013. “It gave this indication that there’s something bigger moving the checkers around in this checkerboard called life. That there’s something bigger than that, and I got into a zone.”

His newest book is an autobiography of sorts, where he reveals how while we are all making choices every day, there is also a force greater than us operating in our lives. He uses the turning points in his own life to illustrate this teaching.

“It seems to me, as I look back on my life, that thing that’s called eternal time, which is where everything is already handled at once, is operating at the same time as what’s called chromos time, or chronological time, or cause and effect time,” he explained on the call. “That my life, your life, everyone’s life, isn’t just a series of causes and effects that come out of the past. We’re also pulling things out of the future.”

One of the choices we can make is how we learn and grow, or come to a place of enlightenment. This can be done through suffering, through being in the moment, or through aligning with our intuition, said Dyer, explaining how there were many times in his life where he came to enlightenment through suffering.

Once example is spending 10 or 15 years of his life drinking beer every single day, not eating right and not feeling very good.

“I also got to a point where I realized this was just not something that was good. So that’s enlightenment through suffering, and this is true in so many of the things in our lives. All of our different relationships that worked and then didn’t work, all of our financial problems that we encountered, health problems, and so on, that you go through … and then all of a sudden you realize I’ve got to change the way I eat. I’ve got to change the way I exercise. I’ve got to do something about that,” he said.

The second way of enlightenment, or self-actualization, is enlightenment through being in the present moment, so when these things are happening to us — a breakup of a relationship, a fire that burned down our home, the death of someone close to us — we can make the choice not to suffer.

“Instead of saying, ‘Now I’m going to go through this long period of time in which I’m going to suffer, I’m going to be incapacitated as a result of this,’ you shift to being in the moment and saying, ‘What’s in it for me? What’s the lesson here right now? What can I get out of it?’” he noted.

There is also a third stage of enlightenment, where our intuition takes over, and we can see things coming our way before they arrive — where we are in a “collaboration with fate,” and realize, if we put our awareness on something, we can prevent it from happening in our life in an “incapacitating way.”

“You can make your choice on all of this,” said Dr. Dyer. “You can go through this lifetime of suffering, or you can get back to where you’re in a state of gratitude for everything that’s taking place in the moment, and deflect it away, or you can become anticipatory. And this is the exciting time. This is when miracles take place.” 

I Can See Clearly NowA CLEAR VIEW
While we all have choices and free will in our lives, there is still a universal force working on our behalf to create opportunities and events we need in order to grow. Looking back on his life, Dyer can see the factors that took place in order to lead him where he is now. For example, living in an orphanage taught him to be self reliant, something he has dedicated his life to teaching others.

“I didn’t just choose to have the father that I have, and have him abandon our family and have him just walk out on us and make a choice to go into an orphanage, but there was something moving the pieces around that said, ‘If you are going to teach, you are going to sign up for a whole lifetime of self-reliance, and you better learn how to rely upon yourself as a young boy, and you better learn how to serve others,’” he explained.

Another example of a force behind his conscious choice was growing up with an alcoholic stepfather who watched Bishop Fulton Sheen on “Life isWorth Living,” rather than “The Milton Berle Show,” which was popular at that time. With only one television set in the house, this is what everyone watched.

“I still remember watching Bishop Fulton Sheen as a young boy and being engrossed in something called ‘Life is Worth Living,’ and I think, ‘Was I making that choice? How did that alcoholic man come into my life for those four or five years, and how did it turn me around?’” he said.

“Out of the 40 books that I have written, the subtitle of every one of them could be called ‘Life is Worth Living.’ It was a hugely impactful thing for me. I look back and I think, ‘Was I making choices?’ Yes, I was. I was making choices. I could have just gone off into my room or sulked or left or whatever, but I sat there and watched and took notes.”

His new book, “I Can See Clearly Now,” is about looking at the choices we make, as well as the factors taking place beyond our control, and realizing if we look at life happening now, we can begin noticing these things as they happen.

One of the most significant turning points in his life was when he visited his father’s grave in 1974 after being angry with him for many years. He sat at the grave, cursing at him for several hours, and then he said, “I forgive you. From this moment on, I send you love.” At that moment, something shifted inside of him.

“I don’t know what it was or how it happened to get there — all of the coincidences that coalesced in order for me to arrive at that place in Biloxi, Miss., on the 30th of August, 1974 — but all I know is that I just left this gravesite feeling completely different,” Dyer said. “I had just sent him love from that moment on and said, ‘Who am I to judge you? You did what you knew how to do given the conditions of your life and how can I ask you to be anything other than what you are?’ I just let go of it, and I went back and I wrote ‘Your Erroneous Tones’ in 14 days down in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.”

Thinking about his father and the impact he had on his life, he knows he will understand much more when he leaves his current body, but understands there was meaning behind it all.

“Perhaps he incarnated into this world in order for his younger son to figure out how to forgive so that he could impact millions of people. Who am I to question any of it? That is probably the most significant moment in my life and in that book as well,” Dyer explained.


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“Healing Through Past-Life Regression … And Beyond,” by Mira Kelley

by Mira Kelley

Are you curious about past-life regression? Maybe you have had the experience, but want to delve more into your past lives in the comfort of your home. In this 2 CD audio program, “Healing Through Past Life Regression … And Beyond,” Mira Kelley, who discovered the healing power of past-life regression when a painful physical condition was healed via the therapy, guides listeners through a past-life regression.

In the CD set, she demonstrates skills she shared with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Brian Weiss, M.D. – who both featured her in their recent books.

The second CD offer meditations to help listeners discover how to restore health and vitality of the body, embrace unconditional love from Source, and more!

Hay House Launches Film Division

Following the success of its first two films, Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” and Wayne Dyer’s “The Shift,” Hay House, launched a dedicated division to the new medium, Hay House Films.

“We want to offer another medium to attract more people to the Hay House message,” said Hay House CEO Reid Tracy. “The ways in which people learn has grown with technology, and Hay House is now growing to fit that need.”

The company is releasing its first four films on DVD May 1, 2012, and will also hold private screenings, and release apps and online streaming. The DVDs will be available for purchase exclusively via Hay House at

The four films are:

Painting the Future is inspired by the writings of Louise L. Hay, and reveals how the thoughts we choose create the life we live. An unlikely friendship is formed between a bitter painter who has lost his sight, and a sweet Hispanic girl, his 9 year-old neighbor, who is determined to save up for her Quincinera dress. View the trailer now at:

My Greatest Teacher is based on a true story by best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer, and is the story of one man’s life-long quest to find the father he never knew and resolve years of resentment he has held inside. The film is a drama that explores the transformational power of forgiveness. See video below to watch the trailer.

Magic Hand of Chance is based on the common underlying theme of Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer writings. It’s filmed in Vienna against the backdrop of a travelling Russian circus, and is the true story of a clumsy magician whose life is turned around when two clowns trick him into thinking he has received the highest honor by a fictitious Magicians Society in America. Because he starts to believe he is great…he ultimately becomes great. View the trailer:

Entanglement is based on the writings of best-selling author and visionary Gregg Braden. It is an intense, sci-fi thriller about a science teacher confronted by a former student who believes he has a psychic connection with his twin brother. The film explores the possibility of quantum entanglement and our connection to “The Divine Matrix.” View the trailer now at:

View the trailer for “My Greatest Teacher,” below: