Deepak Chopra Hosts FREE Virtual event “Success Without Struggle” Sept. 10

On Wednesday, September 10th at 5:00pm pacific / 8:00pm eastern, world-renowned author and mind-body healing pioneer Deepak Chopra will lead a rare virtual event, “Success without Struggle: 7 Keys to Doing Less and Having More,” teaching a new approach to getting what you want out of life with less struggle and more ease.

Register for the free event now to join Chopra for the hour-long course.

“Many of us were brought up to believe that success can only be achieved through hard work, exacting plans, and driving ambition. Sometimes this approach – which I call the Law of Forced Effort – will help us reach our goals, but the cost is often extreme stress, burnout, addiction, and even the destruction of our health and relationships,” said Chopra.

“Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle. We can actually do less and accomplish more. This is the Law of Least Effort, and we can see this creative principle everywhere in nature. Grass doesn’t try to grow; it just grows. Fish don’t struggle to swim; they just swim. And it is human nature to make our dreams manifest into physical form – easily and effortlessly,” he explained.

During the event, Chopra will explore practical steps to applying the “Law of Least Effort,” and other principles to create true success and live in flow, including:

—  Achieve more in your life with astonishing speed and ease – using 7 powerful principles for effortless success.

—  Let go of your anxiety-based overwork – and experience the profound sense of wellbeing that comes from doing less and having more.

—  Navigate setbacks in life – with easy-to-master techniques to keep cultivating the life you want even in the face of uncertainty or failure.

Register for the free event now to join Chopra for the hour-long course.