May Cause Miracles Live Seminar: Week 5

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In week 5 of the book “May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness,” Gabrielle Bernstein focuses on using the principles of “A Course in Miracles,” when it comes to money and finances. During her live seminar, she explained growing up in an affluent town, but in a home that had a lack mentality.

“When I was 21 – even before I was using these tools – I had a quantum shift in my thinking,” she shared. “I made a commitment I would figure out a way to make money, and ever since that day I have never had a fear of money. There were months when I was waiting for a paycheck to come in, and it would go right back out, but I never had the fear.”

When it comes to raising our net worth, we need to begin by raising our self worth, said Bernstein. “The biggest shift for me was the more I earn, the more I can support myself, and the more I can give,” she told the audience. “It’s the decision-making process internally that needs to change for your net worth to catch up to your self-worth.”

Many of us think we are worth a certain amount of money, such as a yearly salary, but we need to think far beyond that number, she said. We also need to move past the mindset of, ‘How dare I ask for more?” and “I’m not worthy of making money.” This is the voice of our ego, blocking abundance from flowing to us.

In the book she outlines a number of “ego tricks” when it comes to money, and went over a few during the live seminar. One example is the ego has a lack mentality. It looks at the current economy and convinces us we will never get a raise in a recession, or that we will never be able to afford the things we want.

“There is a financial blueprint that has been running your life,” said Bernstein. “This week is about going deep and clarifying the story that is keeping you stuck where you are financially. It’s about seeing where the ego has you in a headlock, and how it has kept you in a blueprint that has been holding you back for decades.”

A New Blueprint
Bernstein ends the introduction to this week in the book by asking readers, “Are you committed to releasing your fears and creating a new financial blueprint?”

Like all of the previous weeks, this one begins by taking the stance of the witness to look at our financial fears head on and identify the story we created around money. The affirmation for the first day is “I am not my lack mentality.”

“These practices get to the core of the problem and we need to heal that root cause,” said Bernstein. “We start by looking at where we are and then we make the conscious shift.”

The second day moves into willingness, with “I am willing to change my inner dialogue about my finances,” as the affirmation to take with us throughout the day. These affirmations help us detach from the fear that is holding us back, Bernstein told the audience.

“When you stare at the debt then you live in the debt. But when you stare at what you do have – ‘I can pay X amount towards the debt,’ or ‘I have a check coming in,’ or ‘I have food on the table,’ that is a different vibe. And gratitude plays a major role in that.

Using both gratitude and forgiveness moves readers through the week, and into a new perception of their financial situation and their financial future. We use gratitude by focusing on what we have, and being grateful for whatever that may be, and forgiveness comes into play by forgiving ourselves for choosing wrongly in the past.

“Your net worth is tied directly to your self-worth, and this work is cleaning up the root and core of the condition,” said Bernstein.

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May Cause Miracles Live Seminar Coverage: Week 3

After focusing on the “self” for two weeks, the third week of the book, “May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness,” by Gabrielle Bernstein focuses on the body – specifically body image and physical healing. In it, Bernstein reveals how to change the perception of the body in regards to the way it looks, functions and acts in the world.

In the live seminar for Week 3, Bernstein explained we all have the spiritual power to protect and heal ourselves, but the ego often gets in the way.

“The ego tells us our body is more important or less important than the other body because it’s a certain weight or dresses a certain way,” she said. “There is nothing wrong with enjoying the body, dressing fun, taking care of yourself and enjoying exercise,” but when the body is used to try and get something on the outside, such as status or attention, this is the ego operating, she explained.

Many of us have projected false pretenses on the body, abusing it with alcohol, drugs, sex and food. We believe we are the body, and if we don’t like what we see, we start to believe we’re not good enough.

“We think, ‘I was chubby when I was little. I was too skinny. I didn’t have boobs. I wasn’t the cool girl. I was the cool girl and now I’m not.’ We attack the body to numb it out – to anesthetize the discomfort,” Bernstein said, explaining she used to be an overeater, which was a reaction to her inner turmoil.

It’s through the practices of “A Course in Miracles,” which is the basis for the work in her book, that we can begin to change. In week 3, we once again begin to get honest with ourselves, and witness the patterns of behavior pertaining to our body, and then move on to the willingness to change.

“In the ‘Course,’ there is no body. We are a spirit. The body is the learning device, and we are having these experiences in the body so we can remember we are just love, and we are equal,” Bernstein shared with the audience. “We are all on a mission to remember love, and this is a very different way of being with the body.”

The third day of this week welcomes in the affirmation, “I am not a body. I am free,” to reinforce this mindset.

Changing Perception
The purpose of this chapter is to open up to looking at the body in a new way – using the miracle mind and not the ego mind. The miracle mind looks at the body as the vehicle for sharing love with the world, Bernstein said.

“You start to realize, ‘I am here to be an extension of transformation and to be a loving person,’” she said. “You start to respect your body in a whole other way because it’s here for a whole other purpose. Through your healing you can help heal [others].”

In addition to body image, she addresses physical healing – including those dealing with chronic illness – explaining it all starts by healing the mind and welcoming in your higher self, or what Bernstein calls the “inner guide” or “ing.” In the book she states: “When you apply the thought system that your mind can aid in healing your body, you can experience many miracles. It’s not that the physical condition just disappears (though it often does), but that you’re guided to exactly who and what you need for healing to take place.”

It is the fear-based mind that creates illness in the body, so the first place to start with healing is the mind, Bernstein told the audience. By turning our body over to our “ing” we can surrender the experience to spirit.

The second day of the week asks readers to take this affirmation with them:

“I turn my perception of my body over to the care of my inner guide. Show me what you’ve got…”

“Even with a chronic condition, as you start to live with a miracle mindset, you learn how to coexist with the condition,” she said.

As with the other weeks, gratitude and forgiveness play a role, with a focus on the body. Not only being grateful for it, but also realizing forgiveness can restore our perception of the body.

“Having gratitude toward your body is one of the most important things in the whole world,” Bernstein said. “Then it’s about forgiveness and restoring our perceptions of the body to the right-minded perception.”

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