Uncovering Synchronicity & Living an Elevated Existence

As part of our current “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit,” I taught a 1-hour class called “Uncovering Synchronicity & Living an Elevated Existence.”

During the class, (listen to it here) I shared the story of how my mother’s death from a sudden brain aneurism three days after Christmas in 1999, ultimately sent me on a search for more – more answers, more meaning and more understanding.

Only 10 months after she died, my sister and I went to see a psychic medium named George Anderson, and after the one-hour reading my entire life changed (even though I was totally skeptical beforehand). I realized there was so much more to life – and death – then I had ever imagined, and my life has never been the same. I was 22 years old.

At age 29, I began to notice synchronicity in my life, and looking back now, I can see how it led me to create Elevated Existence Magazine a year later at age 30. Signs and synchronicity continue to lead my life today, and I also continue to hear from my mother – usually when I least expect it, but always when I need it most.

I decided to make the class available online because of the amazing and loving response I got from it. You can click here to listen to the talk in which I reveal:

— How to uncover synchronicity in the past to help with your future (an exercise)
— The key to any lasting change
— How to call in “elevated reinforcements” for help
— The prayer I start every day with after meditation
— Tips to increase your awareness of signs & synchronicity in your life
— My 5 “R’s” or Recommendations for Living an Elevated Existence

I hope you enjoy the class, and please leave comments below or email me at tammy@elevatedexistence.com to let me know what you think!