VIDEO: Jumpstart Your Signs from the Universe by Tammy Mastroberte

Are you someone who says you never get signs from a loved one who has passed?

Do you struggle to see the signs from your angels, guides and the Universe?

I promise you, the signs are happening all around you. The Universe, our guides and our loved ones on the other side are constantly communicating with us. The question is, are we open to receiving them?

Here is a quick and easy way for you to jumpstart receiving signs. It’s actually something I started doing a long time ago without even realizing it, and you can start doing it right now too!

Watch this video to find out how!

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Uncovering Synchronicity & Living an Elevated Existence

As part of our current “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit,” I taught a 1-hour class called “Uncovering Synchronicity & Living an Elevated Existence.”

During the class, (listen to it here) I shared the story of how my mother’s death from a sudden brain aneurism three days after Christmas in 1999, ultimately sent me on a search for more – more answers, more meaning and more understanding.

Only 10 months after she died, my sister and I went to see a psychic medium named George Anderson, and after the one-hour reading my entire life changed (even though I was totally skeptical beforehand). I realized there was so much more to life – and death – then I had ever imagined, and my life has never been the same. I was 22 years old.

At age 29, I began to notice synchronicity in my life, and looking back now, I can see how it led me to create Elevated Existence Magazine a year later at age 30. Signs and synchronicity continue to lead my life today, and I also continue to hear from my mother – usually when I least expect it, but always when I need it most.

I decided to make the class available online because of the amazing and loving response I got from it. You can click here to listen to the talk in which I reveal:

— How to uncover synchronicity in the past to help with your future (an exercise)
— The key to any lasting change
— How to call in “elevated reinforcements” for help
— The prayer I start every day with after meditation
— Tips to increase your awareness of signs & synchronicity in your life
— My 5 “R’s” or Recommendations for Living an Elevated Existence

I hope you enjoy the class, and please leave comments below or email me at to let me know what you think!