VIDEO: How to Keep Going (When You Want to Give Up)

Are you ready to give up on something right now?

A goal? Business? Losing Weight? Working Out? Meditation?

When things are not moving fast enough, the results are coming quick enough or we feel like we are just not making progress, it’s tempting to stop what we are doing and give up.

But what if you are almost there and you give up a moment too soon and miss the payoff?

In this week’s video I share some tips on how to keep going when you want to give up.

So before you decide to throw in the towel on whatever you are working toward, watch this video first 🙂

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VIDEO: Trusting the Universe (When It All Goes Wrong)

You may have heard the phrase “everything happens for a reason,” or “the universe is always working for your highest good.”

But when the bottom falls out from under you, It’s NOT easy to remember this. We are too busy focusing on the drama or chaos in front of us

In this week’s video, I’m getting personal again.

I’m sharing about a time in my life where everything seemed to be going wrong — my cat got really sick, and then I got really sick. I even called in Elevated Help and instead of getting better, things got way worse.

But after going through it, I realized it was all lined up perfectly to get me exactly where I needed to be — and the elevated help was there even though I didn’t realize it.

In the end, it was brilliantly orchestrated by the universe!

My hope is this story from my life will help YOU in your life to trust the Universe the next time everything seems to go wrong.

PLUS: Stay tuned at the end of the video to meet my new kitty Cali (short for California because my boyfriend and I love it there), who we adopted from a local shelter a couple months ago!

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