Jeddah Mali: Shifting the Paradigm

By Jennifer McCartney

What if there was a new way of looking at the world? So that instead of always trying to address the physical manifestation of our problems we could see where they originated—see the secret energy that caused these problems to manifest. Well, we can learn a new way of looking at the world. CEO and founder of Global Paradigm Ltd, Jeddah Mali joined Tammy Mastroberte, founder of Elevated Existence Magazine for the ““Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” to explain how we can transform our understanding of the world in order to lead better, happier lives.

Most of our experience is with physical, mental, and emotional health. But this is not enough to be a healthy and happy human being, according to Mali. We need to factor in our spiritual health, our existential health, and once we learn to see this underlying structure, we can begin to work with the life and the universe rather than against it.

Modalities, such as meditation and yoga can be helpful, they don’t necessarily give us access to bigger picture, she explained. Instead of trying to address the physical manifestations of our issues (whether it’s stress, relationship issues, or financial problems) we need to address the real root cause.

“There is a structural skeleton to life and this is how life is built,” Mali told listeners. “Everything works off this central principal, but we don’t see it because we’re focused on what is built on top of it. Never having known about it, you don’t know to look for it. We’re so geared towards our five physical senses, we neglect to develop our sixth sense.”

Without developing our sixth sense, it’s hared for us to realize and understand what we are missing, she said. “The structural mechanics [of life and existence] are being overlooked, when in fact, they are the only element that can unify us and bring us to a place of wholeness and unification,” Mali noted. “We get caught up in the diversity of form and forget that it all comes from a single source.”

Once we turn our attention away from the physical manifestation, we can quite readily discern the hidden layer underneath, including “emotional forms, mental forms, heart forms and beyond,” she said. “I refer to it as existence. I like the plain, mechanical name for things…in its purest form its energy.” This isn’t to be confused with consciousness, however, which is growing and developing. Existence “is the all of it.”

Changing the Paradigm
So how do we learn to see this hidden structure and begin to change our lives? The starting point is always to “see” the design, and connect with the energy beneath all the manifestations we see in our lives.

“For most people that’s something that is completely new to them,” said Mali. Once we see what lies at the heart of existence, we can begin to create with intention. “Once we realize we’re doing the creating, we can create something else,” she explained. And it all starts with our thoughts.

“Just think of a continuous sea of energy — all these billions of subatomic particles, and the only thing that can move that energy is the input of thought. So where we place our attention…will temporarily cluster energy, which becomes a thought, which becomes emotion, which becomes a physical sensation,” she said.

Every time we think a certain thought it gives us an emotional, physical experience. When we start to recognize our thoughts and put intention behind them, we can being to see our old patters of thinking and being melt away, Mail explained.

“Existence isn’t cruel or perverse in that design–that’s how it works. As we enter into these misunderstandings, this discomfort brings us awake and makes us question a better way and ultimately serves a better purpose,” she said.