VIDEO: Find Your Personal Limiting Beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs preventing us from manifesting, co-creating what we really desire, and finding more happiness and peace within us.

But how do we know which ones are effecting us personally?

We hear so much about the importance of finding and changing our limiting beliefs, but have you ever found yourself stuck on exactly how to find your personal beliefs tripping you up?

The key is accessing the subconscious mind — which actually represents almost 90 percent of our total brain function according to science — and in the below video, I show you a quick method on how to do that.

Listen, you can do all the clearing and affirmations in the world, but until you are working on the EXACT beliefs that are an issue for you, you won’t see changes very quickly, if at all in some cases.

So watch this video and get started on finding YOUR limiting beliefs — and having fun while doing it!

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