Offers Meditations Designed for Children

It’s no secret the practice of meditation offers a number of benefits, from lowering blood pressure and stress levels to enhanced creativity – so why not get the kids in on the action?

Author and intuitive spiritual healer, Amy Scott Grant, recently launched the Web site, to offer parents “MindTime” meditation audios for children of all ages. And parents can test drive the first download free called “Calm.”

“Learning to parent in a more intuitive way, and to involve the child in their own self-growth is a very real, very viable solution,” said Grant. “It causes less stress on the whole family, and helps to develop a more spiritually advanced and centered child.”

The site currently offers five other mediations – each $9.97 – including Restful Sleep, In Order, Relaxed Travel, Natural Manners and Homework, with a number of other meditations coming in the near future. There is also a lifetime membership available for a one-time payment of $197.

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Memphis Middle School Kids Skip Recess for Meditation

At Lausanne Collegiate School, a middle school in Memphis, Tenn., a group of middle school children opted out of recess so they could meditate, according to a recent report by Channel 3 News Memphis.

The group of 5th through 8th grade children sit this way once per week to help improve their concentration in class, and approximately 50 kids have signed up so far, and there is a waiting list of another 50 who want to enroll, the report stated.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Greg Graber.  “The kids say not only do they enjoy it but it helps them concentrate and to focus and to feel better. They feel re-energized.”

One student, 11-year-old Henry Clayton, told the news outlet: “After you do it, you just feel a lot more relaxed, and you feel like a lot better about yourself and how the day’s going to go.”