Elevated Existence August 2016 Self-Help Book Picks

Each month, a ton of new spiritual and self-help books hit the market. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or miss out on some new releases.

We created Elevated Existence Monthly Book Picks to help our readers narrow down their search, and make sure they don’t miss some great options!

The books for this month were chosen by our editor’s as their picks for August 2016. They are listed below in alphabetical order. Click on each title to go directly to Amazon and find out more about the book.

enlightened-marriage“The Enlightened Marriage: The Five Transformative Stages of Relationships and Why the Best is Still to Come,” by Jed Diamond
For more than 40 years, Jed Diamond has been helping couple repair even the most damaged of relationships and reweave broken marriages, and in his newest book, he reveals the five stages of relationships. He believes because most of us have had hurtful experiences in past relationships, often going back to childhood, we develop an inaccurate love map that causes us to get off track when the stresses of life increase. In this book, he helps readers get through stage three, which is disillusionment, without losing love; learn while healing childhood wounds is the greatest give of love you can give and receive from your partner; recognize and address the mid-life stresses of “menopause,” irritable man syndrome and male-type depression; and more.

expectant-mom“Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom: Tools for Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Mood Swings During Your Pregnancy,” by Dr. Alice Domar and Sheila Curry Oakes
From fun quizzes and stories of women Dr. Alice Domar worked with, to information, advice and encouragement, this new book includes mind-body techniques to relieve stress, anxiety and moodiness. It offers tools for problem-solving so expectant mothers can adjust their expectations, restructure negative thought patterns, cultivate resilience, and happily anticipate becoming a mother.


learn-almost-anything-in-48-hours“How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours: The Skills You Need to Work Smarter, Study Faster and Remember More,” by Tansel Ali
Three-time Australian Memory Chamption, Tansel Ali, reveals the secret to learning new skills fast, including easy-to-learn memory strategies such as mind mapping, visualization techniques and mnemonic devices. Whether studying for exams, learning a foreign language, mastering a musical instrument or improving something about yourself, he show readers how to do it quickly through practical exercises and brain training techniques.


take-charge-of-your-destiny“Take Charge of Your Destiny: How to Create the Life You Were Born to Live,” by Jim Donovan
Learn to create a compelling vision for your future, eliminate subconscious blocks in your way and create a life of abundant health, success, prosperity and joy. Jim Donovan shares how to break the illusions holding us back; how to easily uncover the resistance blocking our progress; how to create one’s own personal health team, how to attract more money into our lives easily and joyfully; how to feel better no matter what happens; and more.


thank-and-grow-rich“Thank and Grow Rich: A 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy,” by Pam Grout
If you are ready to connect to the field of potentiality author Pam Grout talked about in her books “E-Squared” and “E-Cubed,” her newest book will help you get on the frequency of joy and gratitude to begin experiencing miracles and communication from the universe. The book offers an updates perspective on abundance, which goes beyond financial capital, and shows readers how to grow and expand their creative, social and spiritual capital and more. The 30-Day experiment offers exercises or “party games” to help raise the readers vibration and change their thinking through “thanking,” as Grout explains in the book.