AUDIO ~ Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Building a Heart-Centered Business

Do you feel stuck in your spiritual business (or in getting one started) and wondering what steps to take to create more successDoes the thought of selling your service, your gift, make you INCREDIBLY uncomfortable?

Psychic medium Marilyn Alauria and mindful marketing expert Kimberly Maska shared secrets for spiritual entrepreneurs to create an abundant business in a live call with Elevated Existence founder Tammy Mastroberte (listen to the call below).

And a spiritual entrepreneur doesn’t mean you see one-on-one clients, or need to be a healer, psychic or life coach. The definition they use is much broader than that.

“It’s really about having a message that you need to get out ther to change the world,” Maska said on the call. “You can do that through the arts, singing, or any modality. If you have a way to change the world and make it a better place, and you are doing it authentically and from your heart, that is a spiritual entrepreneur.”

Alauria and Maska took live calls, answered questions from the audience and shared a number of tips to build a heart-centered business. As a psychic medium, Alauria shared the importance of asking our guides for help when it comes to business concerns.

“So many people don’t recognize they can ask their guides marketing advice, partnership advice or what product to sell,” she explained. “If you don’t know who your guides are, but are an artist and love Van Gogh’s work, then call in the energy of Van Gogh and start communicating with it. Print out a picture and start talking to it. Or if you really admire Oprah, she may not be deceased but you can call in that energy because whoever you admire means that energy exists in you, and you want to start awakening it, paying attention to it and being conscious about it to help you in your business.”

Maska also addressed how many spiritual business owners tend to shy away from marketing, but the key is to reframe the way we are thinking about it. Rather than looking at the selling aspect, she recommended focusing on serving.

“We tend to look at selling as you are pushing something on someone they don’t really want, but what if they do want it or need, and you are going to change their life,” she shared. “When you start thinking about what you are going to sell, start thinking about the value you are giving. If you can solve a problem for someone or give them a solution, they will pay for that.”

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