AUDIO ~ Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Building a Heart-Centered Business

Do you feel stuck in your spiritual business (or in getting one started) and wondering what steps to take to create more successDoes the thought of selling your service, your gift, make you INCREDIBLY uncomfortable?

Psychic medium Marilyn Alauria and mindful marketing expert Kimberly Maska shared secrets for spiritual entrepreneurs to create an abundant business in a live call with Elevated Existence founder Tammy Mastroberte (listen to the call below).

And a spiritual entrepreneur doesn’t mean you see one-on-one clients, or need to be a healer, psychic or life coach. The definition they use is much broader than that.

“It’s really about having a message that you need to get out ther to change the world,” Maska said on the call. “You can do that through the arts, singing, or any modality. If you have a way to change the world and make it a better place, and you are doing it authentically and from your heart, that is a spiritual entrepreneur.”

Alauria and Maska took live calls, answered questions from the audience and shared a number of tips to build a heart-centered business. As a psychic medium, Alauria shared the importance of asking our guides for help when it comes to business concerns.

“So many people don’t recognize they can ask their guides marketing advice, partnership advice or what product to sell,” she explained. “If you don’t know who your guides are, but are an artist and love Van Gogh’s work, then call in the energy of Van Gogh and start communicating with it. Print out a picture and start talking to it. Or if you really admire Oprah, she may not be deceased but you can call in that energy because whoever you admire means that energy exists in you, and you want to start awakening it, paying attention to it and being conscious about it to help you in your business.”

Maska also addressed how many spiritual business owners tend to shy away from marketing, but the key is to reframe the way we are thinking about it. Rather than looking at the selling aspect, she recommended focusing on serving.

“We tend to look at selling as you are pushing something on someone they don’t really want, but what if they do want it or need, and you are going to change their life,” she shared. “When you start thinking about what you are going to sell, start thinking about the value you are giving. If you can solve a problem for someone or give them a solution, they will pay for that.”

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Marilyn Alauria: Connecting With Your Guides, Angels & Ascended Masters

We are all born with intuition or what is sometimes called a gut instinct, and with the right tools, we can learn to develop our intuition, which can really help us navigate our lives.

Internationally known psychic medium Marilyn Alauria joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, as part of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit,” to explain how we can access our guides, angels and more by balancing the chakras.

“I want everybody on this call to know that whether you feel like you didn’t have gifts at 5, 10 or 15, you can develop gifts at 25, 35 or 75. What you are doing is waking up to your natural essence,” Alauria said on the live call.

She inherited her psychic gifts from her grandmother and has been having psychic experiences since the age of five. When she first began studying and giving readings, she didn’t know a lot about the chakra system or how to open them. But after being introduced to them by her guides, she saw a huge difference in herself and her readings.

“My readings got even stronger, but what also got stronger was my consciousness about myself, and my sitting in my soul got stronger because each chakra really helps us to become one with ourselves,” she explained to listeners.

Each chakra has a gift, whether psychic or emotional, and they are all important because they all effect our consciousness, and our ability to access our intuition and the messages sent to us from our guides, angels, and even our loved ones who have passed.

“Each one has a gift . . . being clairvoyant, which is seeing, or claircognizant, which is knowing, is also about being conscious, and you have to be conscious and awake to recognize the signs your guides, the universe and angels are bringing to you. Unless these chakras are balanced and opened up, you are not seeing it. You’re missing it,” Alauria said.

She also cautioned not to wait for an earth shattering moment from our guides or angels. They often connect with us in subtle ways that at first may seem like a coincidence.

“Your guides are talking to you every day, but we are all expecting a being coming over and shining green lights into our apartment, and our apartment shaking, and it doesn’t work that way all the time,” she noted.

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Chakra Gifts
Alauria walked listeners through each chakra and the gifts contained with them on the call, explaining each chakra connects to different guides, angels and ascended masters.

1st Chakra – This is connected with safety, material instincts and living in the world, said Alauria. “When you are psychic you can get very spacy. I used to walk into things, break things and constantly fall, and it’s because I wasn’t grounded. It’s extremely important that you ground into the earth and you feel safe in the work,” she said.

To ground ourselves, we can go outside and put our feet in the grass, touch a tree or eat root vegetables. Also, chocolate and peanut butter are very grounding. For those who work in an office building, simply finding a window and looking outside at a tree to bring the essence of the tree in can ground a person, Alauria shared.

“You can also bring attention to your first chakra and picture a colored light going from first chakra down to the center of mother earth,” she explained on the call. “Allow that colored light to become something very strong like a tree trunk or cement pole, and write a word on it that helps you to feel safe. This can be a name, your animals name or religious name. Fell the end of the pole getting roots and grounding even further.”

2nd Chakra – Representing creativity, Alauria teaches psychic ability runs in alignment with imagination, and many get confused if a message is in their imagination or their guides. “I just say go with it at first because you will learn the difference,” she noted. “You will start learning the energy from your guides versus your imagination.”

3rd Chakra – This is above the navel and is the color yellow. It is where our clairsentience comes from – where our gut instinct or intuition lives.

4th Chakra – The heart chakra is where our empathic abilities come from – or our ability to feel the emotions of others. “It’s picking up people’s energy and emotions and its green,” said Alauria.

5th Chakra – The throat chakra is usually represented by sky blue, and is where our clairaudience or psychic hearing is from. It’s also about speaking our truth to ourselves.

6th Chakra – This is known as the third-eye chakra, and is the color indigo. There is where clairvoyance or seeing comes from.

“We all have it,” she noted. “Our guides speak to us in symbols, and even everything you dream about has a symbolic meaning. If you are out and about, and you keep seeing bees everywhere you go, don’t take for granted it’s bee season. They are there for a reason, and they are communicating something to you. You can go and look up the meaning of bees and see what it is the universe is trying to tell you. For me, bees represent creativity, so maybe you are opening up to creativity. Or you are not living enough in the honey or nectar of life.”

7th Chakra – The crown chakra is white with lavender specks, said Alauria, and connects us with our guides and angels.

Opening & Balancing Chakras
If a chakra is shut down or blocked, we have the ability to work with it and open it back up. Alauria views each chakra as a room with four walls, a ceiling and a floor.

“When working with a particular one, we can wake up in the morning and begin paying attention to it right away,” she said. “If it’s the throat chakra, I would paint the walls of the room or chakra with a light blue color. The throat is clairaudience and thoughts, so I would say pay attention to the thoughts you are having in the morning. You would be amazing what your thoughts are when you first wake up in the morning. Paint the walls blue, and write vibrant words and your name on the walls. You can even vacuum the blocks to get rid of them. If you work with one chakra for three weeks like that, it will start clearing. And the process doesn’t have to take long.”

When it comes to balancing the chakras, Alauria does it every day before her morning meditation. She balances them and releases anything she may be struggling with at the time, which may be keeping her from her true self or her fullest expression of herself, she said.

“I don’t need to know what it is. I’ll say to my guides, ‘Please release me from anything that is keeping me from being the fullest expression of myself, from living in truth, being an authentic medium and really being with my true gift,’” she noted. “I’ll release it and then I open my chakras and balance the energy. I invite the God inside of me and the God outside of me, and all my guides and angels and the light in. I open up into the gifts, and I ask that my consciousness in those gifts open up to the highest level. It takes less then five minutes.”

The energy coming from our angels and guides is infinite, and we can always ask for their help and protection. They are never too busy or unavailable to us, according to Alauria.

“We can’t even understand what their energy is like. Our energy is in containers almost, but they’re not. Their energy can be everywhere at once. So know that their energy can always come in,” she said.

For protection, she calls in Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and we can do the same. By surrounding ourselves with their loving energy, we can ask what color we need for protection, and take it around our body, extending out six inches or more until we feel safe and not suffocated, she said.

“There are many ways you can protect yourself, but the main thing is that you always have free will, so if there is some negative energy around you, you have free will to say you will not allow that to effect you,” she noted. “I surround myself with angels, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and God. I ask the archangels to cut the cords of any negative situations attached to me, and I ask Archangel Michael to throw a platinum net around my body to remove anything that got stuck, and to get rid of it.”