MultiMeditation Offers New Combo of Meditation Techniques Online

There is a new way to meditate by logging online! offers a range of meditation videos, including those designed to cater to specific needs such as depression, stress and anxiety relief – and users can try one of the channels for free!

MulitMeditation is a technique combining traditional and modern meditation techniques and therapies, including knowledge of the Mandala – a spiritual symbol representing the Universe that is used in both Hinduism and Buddhism; contemplation meditation, concentration meditation, chromotherapy, sound therapy and fractology (the science of healing through energy).

“We use color, music, nature sounds, videos, the Mandala, and fractal art to create a technique that produces the desired effect on several levels of perception – through sight, hearing, and vibrations,” the website states. “MultiMeditation combines all of these various methods to provide a synergistic effect. Using a combination of meditation techniques works faster and more effectively compared with using each technique separately, enabling participants to achieve their desired changes more rapidly.”

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