The Crystal Garden Aromatherapy Sprays & Mists

Aromatherapy can change the energy of a room, have an effect on our mood, and so much more. Margaret Ann Lembo, aromatherapist and award-winning author of “Chakra Awakening,” and “The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones,” created a line of therapeutic-quality, medical grade essential oils and aromatic mists that are unlike anything we have seen before!

From mists to call in certain angels, such as her award-winning Archangel Raphael spray to a Prosperity Mist helping to increase success in business and improve mental clarity, her blends are unique and can be helpful for a variety of spiritual needs. Her tagline is “Healing the Planet One Spritz at a Time.”

The majority of the formulas include medical grade oils, gemstone tinctures, holy waters and sacred site essences from around the world, as well as Bach Flower essences, Vibhuti and Aura Soma.

We especially like the Sage and Cedar Spray to help clear out negativity, anger, jealousy and unwanted thought forms, and the Smudge it Spray, which also clears a space and can be used instead of burning sage.

View all of the varieties, including her line of essential oils at — and stay tuned for her new Chakra Spray series out this month!