Help Save Elephants Kickstarter Campaign: Do Elephants Go to Heaven?

In the last three years, 100,000 African elephants have been killed for their ivory tusks. That’s 1 every 15 minutes. If killing continues at this rate conservationists estimate that elephants could be extinct in the wild by 2025.

Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon, is joining with Academy Award winning filmmaker, Louise Hogarth, to create a documentary telling the stories of the elephants living in the wild and orphaned elephants now being cared for in sanctuaries. The film will show the point of view from the elephants through animal communication, and will also follow the tragic journey of Zimbabwe’s kidnapped baby elephants, destined for zoos in China and UAE, and 70 years of misery in captivity.

The filmmaker set up a Kickstarter campaign, which is already more than halfway toward its goal of $50,000, to complete the film. For more information, see the below video of Danielle MacKinnon communicating with the elephants, and visit the Kickstarter page for more videos, details and a list of gifts in return for donations.

Danielle MacKinnon: Revealing (and Releasing!) Soul Contracts

By Jennifer McCartney

How many times have you wondered why, no matter how hard you try, you can’t keep a relationship? Or stay healthy, or make enough money? Or that you just can’t seem to find happiness?

Danielle MacKinnon, author of “Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance,” intuitive, coach and animal communicator (who was named one of the country’s top 100 Astrologers and Psychics of 2014) shared with listeners of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” how we can learn to recognize and release these hidden energetic barriers, or soul contracts, which block the way to true happiness and success.

“We form these [soul contracts] really young when we start believing negative things about ourselves,” MacKinnon explained to listeners. This complicated belief system still operates in us adults, and often leads to a lot of our problems, she says. As a coping mechanism, we create methods to “fix” the negative things we believe about ourselves, and begin to act certain ways in order to feel better about ourselves. These soul contracts will continue to negatively impact our lives until we discover them and release them.

Most people have no idea they’re being guided by these contracts but they are usually aware that they are stuck in some way. MacKinnon shared the example of a 45-year old woman being guided by her soul system, which consists of all these contracts we have made in the past.

“She needed to sacrifice for others to prove that she was worthy,” she said, explaining this was one of her soul contracts. “It had never occurred to her that sacrificing for love wasn’t the way to receive love.”

However, the things we do in order to alleviate the “blockages” caused by soul contracts are just a band-aid solution. A person who feels unworthy in life may constantly feel the need to prove their worth. But if someone feels they have to prove their worth in order to receive, “that giving is not coming from a place of ‘I have so much overflowing love,’” said MacKinnon. It’s coming from a place of ‘I need to prove something.’”

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Identify & Release
So how can we begin uncovering and releasing our own soul contracts? “It’s not complicated work…but people need to know the steps,” said MacKinnon.

First, we need to identify where exactly we are stuck. What are the soul contracts that are holding you back? “A soul contract will show up as a block. Why do I work overtime and not get paid? Why do my relationships end in disaster? Why don’t a feel happy? It’s often not just in one area,” she said, explaining a soul contract can affect all areas of our lives, from health and relationships to money and career.

For example, if you don’t feel safe in the world, your may have a soul contract that prevents you from speaking up so that you can protect yourself. This can affect you at work and in relationships. You may have the awareness that this is an issue, but simply trying to change a behavior once we are aware doesn’t work in the long term.

“Instead of a behavior change, we work on a belief change,” she noted. “It’s about clearing the negative energy. Clear and release these contracts. Once you feel safe in the world, speaking up isn’t an issue.”

She advised working on awareness first because by simply becoming aware of our contracts, we can begin to shake up our energy — often enacting smaller changes before the final clearing. Some people may come to realize they have a large number of soul contracts, but having a lot of them isn’t a bad thing.

“When you identify one, you now know that it’s operating in many areas of your life—your health, your wealth, relationships,” she noted, explaining once you clear it all these areas will improve.

After identifying the contracts, it’s about releasing yourself from them, ad MacKinnon provided listeners with a way to do this at home, walking them through it on the call. Speaking in a powerful voice, after calling in our guides, angels and helpers on the other side, we can say the following:

“I now consciously release all energies that are no longer serving me as a result of my ‘aha’ moments today. This includes all that my soul knows I’m ready to let go of as well as [here you can talk to your guides about what’s on your mind]. Please release all resulting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attachments, and call my akashic records, consciousness and unconsciousness, and assist me in aligning with my greatest and highest potential. As these energies release please gracefully open my crown chakra and infuse me with the energy of unconditional love. [Take a moment and feel the love]. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The block then feels less after a successful release, explained MacKinnon. “The success comes in increments—each small shift results in a new experience. The belief is shifted a little bit each time,” she noted.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you work on releasing your soul contracts:

  • Be sure to set your foundations before getting started—remain grounded and organized and don’t just dive in and try and do everything.
  • Avoid trying to unblock too many contracts at once. You want things to shift in increments, otherwise it’s not sustainable. Shifting in bits is more natural.
  • “The proof really has to be in the pudding,” says MacKinnon. If you feel contentment and excitement you’re doing something right.

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Lisa Barnett: Clear Karma, Soul Contracts & Vows Through Your Akashic Record

The Akashic Records contain all the information of an individual soul’s journey from all it’s lifetimes — each thought, feeling, action and deed from every lifetime is stored here. Each of us have our own Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light that keep track of the information for us, and we can access them to answer personal questions about our current life, and our past lives that may be effecting us today.

Lisa Barnett, founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom and an internationally recognized teacher with more than 20 years of experience in the spiritual healing forum joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder Tammy Mastroberte as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body and Soul Summit to talk about the Akashic Records, and the information they can provide.

“The way I see the Akashic Record is as the information arm of divine source. It’s a vibrational body of wisdom where everything is stored,” said Barnett. “A lot of people see it as a library where each book is representing a lifetime, but the truth is, the akashic field is infinite and everywhere. It’s not housed anywhere.”

Everything is recorded her – our thoughts, feelings, every past life, our intentions, what we have come into this world to do, what we’ve succeeded at, what we are ready to do to grow, our contracts with other people and more, said Barnett, noting all living beings have an Akashic Record, and so do our businesses.

“Your business is not a living being, but it does have the vibration of you and the people you come together to create that business with,” she said.

By accessing this information, we can uncover things about our current life, including why we may find ourselves stuck or held back for some reason. Many times it is a memory of a past life we are carrying with us. For example, many people on a spiritual path have been healers, doctors, acupuncturists or herbalists in a past life, and may have been punished during the witch hunts or the inquisition, according to Barnett.

“A good example is someone who wants to be out there working as a hands on healer, a Reiki master, and they want to bring their gifts of the light to the world, but are finding it challenging to go out there and share the information. They feel held back or are shy about it,” said Barnett. “I will often see they had a couple of different lifetimes in which they were either killed for the work they did or hunted in the witch hunts or the inquisitions and were harmed, killed and tortured. Even herbalists were called witches and killed. Now they are afraid to be seen.”

Also, many times we make vows on our deathbed, saying “I will never do that again,” and the emotions are very intense and stay with us into future lives because it is filled with trauma and pain, Barnett noted.

“These vows we make on our deathbed can really hold us back lifetime after lifetime. Some of it is death pictures, where we have these memories, even if they are unconscious, of being tortured, killed or run out of town, and no one will accept us,” she said.

By recalling these issues and bringing them to the conscious mind, it can help us open up energetically and release the constriction holding us back. In essence, it creates a shift within us so we can move forward in this life.

“What our souls want to do is awaken. They really do want to elevate and awaken, and that is why we come to planet Earth,” Barnett shared. “We love to grow, and we love to learn. As a soul we see it as a big playground. We pick people to meet and things to do, and it’s about how quickly we can remember who we really are and awaken to the divine beings we truly are. Accessing the Akashic Records is allowing you to do that with more ease. These beings of light are here to support you – just like your angels. They are just sitting there waiting for us to access them so they can help us.”

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Soul Contracts
Most of us write hundreds of soul contracts before we enter into a new life – both small ones, or support contracts, and big ones like those with a life partner. We choose our parents, siblings, the children we will have, and romantic relationships, before we come to the planet, although we don’t complete all of them, according to Barnett.

“We often will write contracts that never come to fruition, so its not unusual for me to see a 40 year old woman who had contracts to have three children, but she never had children,” she noted. “Sometimes people may feel a little guilty about it and want to know if that is O.K. They decided not to have children because of their life circumstance, and it’s absolutely fine if we don’t finish all of those contracts. It’s actually not possible to finish all the contracts we write. We set ourselves up to have a big variety because we don’t know. We come here and it’s still all about free will and choice.”

Often our contracts are in place to help us grow as a soul, or to assist someone else in their soul growth. For example, the soul who picks an alcoholic father may have a support contract with the soul to help him remember who he is and get sober, said Barnett. However, it may not happy because the vibration of the planet is “very dense and we forget who we are,” she noted.

“Most of us are not really clear on a day-to-day basis about the contracts we have written, so the father may not ever get sober and he may not remember. The contract may not really play out the way you two thought it would when you wrote it. But if you can hold him in love and know the truth of who he is as a soul, you are sending him really profound energetic healing by being love and forgiveness, and for seeing him for who he truly is. That alone is you fulfilling your part of the contract even if he never fulfills his side,” she said.

The lesson here is that many of us feel we are doing work, but our partners or family member is not doing their part. However, we can do our part and complete things even if the other person doesn’t, according to Barnett.

“The other person may go on and have a similar experience again, but it probably won’t be with you [if you’ve done your work],” she explained.

Also, we don’t always pick a family for the parents. Sometimes it’s for the siblings, grandparents, aunt or uncle, and sometimes we will pick a family for the genetics or the location we want to be born in.

Clearing Karma
Karma is not about an eye for an eye or tit for tat, but more about completing a cycle of growth for the soul, Barnett explained. Most of us will live at least 800 lives, and we get to do it all – and many times karma plays into our soul contracts with others.

“Very often, karma or completion of growth does play into our contracts with other people, and usually what I see is we will write three to six contracts around intimate relationships,” she noted. “Since we are beings of free will on Earth, we get to choose and create as we go. We set up these contracts, and we can choose to ignore every one of them if we want to.”

Each of us is part of a soul family, and we have contracts to be connected, but it’s not always so easy for those to come to completion of for us to find each other. However, if we are feeling ready for a new relationship, or feeling lonely, and part of our intention is to find someone in 2014, we should know we have soul contracts available for us to find these people.

“Also, the vibration of the planet is getting higher, and more people are awakening to their spirituality, their divinity and to their oneness, so it’s actually getting easier to find a more spiritually centered partner,” she said.

Barnett also shared a prayer to clear karma on the call, which she said is all about forgiveness – of others as well as ourselves.

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