VIDEO: Deepak Chopra in New 50 Cent Energy Shot Commercial

A new energy shot from successful artist 50 Cent is on the market in order to help children in need. After a trip to the World Cup in Africa, 50 Cent realized how badly the children there needed help. The artist decided to work with a company called Pure Growth Partners, whose mission is to give back to charity.

The team created the Street King energy shot and for every shot sold, a meal is provided to a hungry child, according to the product’s Web site, The group is working with the United Nations World Food Programme, and to date has funded 3.5 million meals through sales of the energy shot.

In the new commercial, Deepak Chopra is seen guiding 50 Cent through a meditation, when a strange energy enters the room and blows out the candles. Enter Street King energy shot!

See the video of the commercial below!