Susann Taylor Shier: Activate Your Soul Purpose to Heal Your Soul Challenges

If you are ready to unlock the resources needed to activate the power of authentic, soul level fulfillment, bestselling author, speaker, intuitive channel, spiritual counselor and founder of Soul Mastery™ Susan Taylor Shier joined Tammy Mastroberte, Founder of Elevated Existence Magazine as part of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” to explain to how we can discover our own soul challenges and soul gifts to enhance our lives and increase our spiritual wealth. Shier explained how we can uncover our hidden soul challenges, connect with our intuitive guidance, and awaken the skill of soulful manifestation.

“I really wanted to find out why we as unique individuals have challenges that are special to us,” she said, describing the beginning of her journey. It started with her colicky newborn, who she discovered was reacting to some past trauma she brought into her current life. She calls these traumas “soul wounds,” and explained they create each person’s soul challenge. By discovering our challenged, we can grow and overcome situations in our life where we find ourselves stuck.

“Our soul wounds keep us bogged down in the physical world,” she said. “A soul wound manifests itself before we begin our earth incarnations. We bring our soul wounds with us into this lifetime. It can be a physical manifestation or it can be an area where you’re not moving forward in life,” she told listeners. “We have so many issues in our life and we always ask why? Why did I get breast cancer and no one else in my family did? Why am I in financial straights? Everything has a soul level wound root to it. When you recognize that then it’s much easier to take care of it.”

In addition to soul wounds, we also have soul gifts. “Our soul gift is a knowing deep inside us,” she noted. “When we operate from that gift, the whole universe can support us.” But these gifts, like our soul wounds, are also often ignored or go unrecognized, which can lead to a feeling of purposelessness or despair. We find a purposeful when we uncover our soul strengths and gifts, and release our soul challenges, she said, encouraging listeners to ask what truly brings them joy.

“If your soul is involved, you’ll feel alive and joyful and happy,” she said. It’s about getting in touch with our spirit and intuition and accessing the part of ourselves that knows anything is possible. “If we are making our choices based on our soul longing, we live from a soul-directed, choice-filled life.”


So how do we find our soul wounds and our soul gifts? “Start to look for our greatest longing and our greatest challenge.” Often our challenges and gifts are linked, she said, giving the example of someone whose soul gift was love, but struggled to find a loving relationship. The challenge is the finding love, so the soul gift is love. Once we start to honor our gifts, we can release the challenges.

To help release soul challenges she shared an exercise that can be done at home.

Focus on a part of your body. Ask that part of your body what’s going on. It may give you words or just a feeling. Ask it what it needs. It may need love, confidence. Then you go into your heart and get that resource for them—connect to that larger field of the universe. Expand into the universe to connect you with that sense of support, love, feeling better, hope is on the way, how that wants to show up for you right now. Expand into the light, into the universe, into the galaxy, feeling, sensing, seeing, that capacity of what this part of you that is in separation is longing for. Allow the restricted part of you to fill with light and love. 

By getting in touch with our spirit and pouring it into our bodies, it means we’re flushing out anything we don’t need, and allowing ourselves to fill with joy rather than pain. “The old patterns just flush out,” she said. “Where my cells were holding the wound of separation…you start to pour aliveness into your body and your cells begin to change.” But if we don’t get to the soul wound of it, we’ll keep running into the same soul challenges.

“What it feels like we can’t get to in life will help us get to know that’s what we actually want more than anything,” she said. It starts by focusing on creating joy in our lives and in our bodies.

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