The Law of Action (in the Law of Attraction)

By Sherry Winn

There is one aspect of the law of attraction that many people refuse to talk about, and that is the aspect of ACTION.

It is true you must first work on your mind before you can believe you can achieve anything, but the belief in itself is not enough. You have to take action on the ideas and dreams that have been cultivating in your mind.

The first step is intention – knowing what you want and having the intention you will get it, but how many people have you met who had the intention of doing something and never took the first step? They tell you they want to be the next Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga, or Ernest Hemingway, but they spend all their time daydreaming and none of their time taking action steps.

The most important step to take once you have your mind attracting what you want, and you’ve worked on your internal language, is to take action. Once you have birthed an idea, you have given it creation in the universe. It is there for others to also find and view. If you fail to take action on it, somebody else will, and you lose your opportunity.

Those who found success utilizing the law of attraction are those who spent time moving toward their dreams. One of the best ways to move toward your dreams is to write them down. Something magical happens when you write dreams down on paper. The dream gets a life of it’s own. It becomes a possibility that can stare back at you, and ask what you’re going to do about it. The act of writing gives you a permanent record, shows you are serious, keeps you accountable and helps you work things through.

When you write down your dreams, include the following components:

1. Be specific.
2. Include a deadline.
3. Begin with the end in mind.
4. Write down goals in time increments. Write down 10-year, 5-year, 3-year, and 1-year goals.
5. Write down why you want to accomplish your dreams. What is the compelling reason you have behind reaching your dreams?
6. Proclaim your dreams. Affirm you dreams. Post your dreams.

Writing your dreams down is an action step. You have made a promise to yourself. The next step is to take action and move toward your dreams. How?

Look back at the dreams you’ve written down. Take one of them and break it down even further. What do you want to accomplish in the next 30 days? Write down what you need to do every day to reach your 30-day goal.

Then, take action. Do something even if it doesn’t feel like it is taking you closer to what you really desire. Move. You might make mistakes, but this is part of the process. You learn and grow from mistakes, which move you forward.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

1.  Take responsibility for your dreams.
2.  Continue to work on your thoughts because how you think about things really matters.
3.  Make your reason behind your dreams big enough that you are willing to move beyond obstacles.
4.  Commit to studying and learning every day.
5.  Act as if success is certain.
6.  Share your dreams.
7.  Stretch your mind and see all possibilities.

When you train your mind to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want, you are utilizing the law of attraction. This allows you to dream and to believe you can achieve. It provides you with the faith needed to take action. What remains is taking the first step and then the next and then the next until you are not just thinking about your dreams, but you are living them.

Sherry Winn - The Law of AttractionSherry Winn is an author, EFT Practitioner, Certified Law of Attraction and Master Life Coach and a motivational speaker, whose topics include “Making the Impossible Possible,” “Loving Challenges,” and “Catching Your Dreams.” As a former elite athlete competing at the Olympic Games in 1984 and 1988 in the sport of team handball and head collegiate coach for 23 years, she possesses a deep passion for helping others become motivated to reach their highest levels of success.

Winn overcame her fears and limitations when she contracted chronic pain at the age of 33 and was told by 17 different medical professionals there was no answer. Through books, meditation, mentors and Webinars, she discovered the power of healing through positive thinking. 

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