VIDEO: Ditch the Dirty Products (Non-Toxic Living) with Tammy Mastroberte

Living an Elevated Existence means nurturing the Mind, Body and Spirit, and when we think of “body” we often think about diet and exercise.

We drink our green juice, go to yoga or spin class, and try to eat clean.

But what about the products you are using on your body?

Your makeup, hair products, skin care, body wash and hand soap — are they raising your vibration and vitality or are they compromising your hormones, immune system and overall health?

We need to get smarter about the products we are using on our body, as the skin is the largest organ we have and it absorbs everything — good and bad.

In the below video, I share some of the top ingredients you should avoid, some non-toxic and clean products I love, a couple of apps to help you check the products you own and more!

Plus, download my Clean Beauty Worksheet for links to my favorite articles detailing what ingredients to avoid, some of my favorite non-toxic makeup, skincare and body brands, online non-toxic and clean beauty sites (that offer a variety or clean brands), and my favorite Instagram or Youtube experts on all things non-toxic!

Download the Clean Beauty PDF for brand recommendations, toxic ingredients to avoid and more!

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