Guilt and the Law of Attraction

By Sherry Winn

None of us would want to attack ourselves because what person loves the outcome of beating up on himself, right?

Most people would link the word “attack” to a physical act like slamming a fist into a wall or kicking a door. Others might think of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or something a little more innocuous like an addiction to chocolate or caffeine. We might all agree these acts are labeled as attacks against ourselves.

But what about guilt? Do you consider guilt as attack against yourself?

Guilt has been viewed as something positive. It creates the needed punishment so we won’t choose the wrong path again. But is it the way to forgiveness, or is it simply of means of re-punishing ourselves and keeping ourselves stuck in misery for something we’ve already learned?

Guilt is the result of believing we are not worthy. Standing in guilt we cannot reach positive vibrations. We are separate and disconnected from love. Love is the highest vibration we can seek, and guilt exists on the low vibrational end of the spectrum.

A Course In Miracles states, “What guilt has wrought is ugly, fearful and very dangerous. See no illusion of truth and beauty there.”

We want to avoid negative emotions because we know they are the opposite of all we desire. When we feel bad, our energy vibrates at the wrong frequency causing us to attract the very thing we want to avoid. We create what we expect and invite those experiences into our lives. When we expect punishment, which is what guilt is, we experience it.

Recently, I was working with a young man, Justin, who is on the journey to becoming a professional baseball player. He understands the power of the law of attraction and works diligently to stay in alignment with his dream, but he also allows his guilt to attack his desires.

Even though Justin leads the league in batting, he began to doubt his talents. He said, “I feel if something is off in my life, I psyche myself out, which is my ego telling me I will not play well because I’ve made a mistake. The guilt sends me into a funk of unworthiness and I lose my ability to swing a bat.”

This is the power of the ego. It attacks with guilt and creates fear even when facts point in the opposite direction. The ego attacks our faith and shoves us out of positive vibration. As soon as Justin allowed guilt to enter his mind, his swing of the bat diminished.

How did Justin realign himself with positive vibrations to get his swing back? He took the same steps you can take:

1. Remind yourself the ego wants us in guilt and wishes us to bow down to a lack of faith.
2. The ego is the opposite of all you are.
3. You come from Source Energy.
4. As Source Energy, you are entitled to all good things.
5. Strength is the truth about you; weakness is an illusion.
6. When you fall into the ego’s trap of illusion, you are not aligning yourself with who you really are.
7. You are Source Energy and a creator in your life.

When we allow guilt to rule us and to shove our faith of goodness out, we attack ourselves. We create separation from who we were meant to be. Once separated, we can no longer feel positive vibration. Positive vibration is alignment with ALL that is good.

You came to this life experience to re-remember who you really are and to align yourself with all that is good. You are a creator and as such, you get to choose where to live your life. Guilt is a choice as is love. Love is connecting to your desires while guilt is attacking yourself. You came from love; it is your origin. Let go of guilt to experience your desires.

Sherry Winn - The Law of AttractionSherry Winn is an author, EFT Practitioner, Certified Law of Attraction and Master Life Coach and a motivational speaker, whose topics include “Making the Impossible Possible,” “Loving Challenges,” and “Catching Your Dreams.” As a former elite athlete competing at the Olympic Games in 1984 and 1988 in the sport of team handball and head collegiate coach for 23 years, she possesses a deep passion for helping others become motivated to reach their highest levels of success.

Winn overcame her fears and limitations when she contracted chronic pain at the age of 33 and was told by 17 different medical professionals there was no answer. Through books, meditation, mentors and Webinars, she discovered the power of healing through positive thinking. 

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