Gaiam Releases 3 New Yoga DVDs

Focused on three different styles of yoga, Gaiam released new DVDs for both the beginner and the experienced yogi.

Rodney Yee Power Up Yoga – A combination of cardio and strength-focused yoga practices from renowned yogi Rodney Yee, this new DVD takes a total-fitness based approach to yoga, emphasizing strength and flexibility. It is designed to increase one’s overall fitness level.

CorePower Yoga: Calorie Blast Yoga – This new DVD brings three ultra-efficient toning and fat burning yoga workouts that can be done at home. The three routines ignite one’s metabolism and burn calories to transform the body from the inside out.

Maya Fiennes Yoga for Real Beauty – Offering a fun, uplifting and inspirational routine, this DVD is designed to stimulate all of the chakras, or energy centers in the body, in order to achieve happiness and harmony. Following the Kundalini practice, Maya Fiennes uses powerful motions, chanting, and breathing to help viewers create and welcome beauty into their life.


Tia Mowry Teams with Tara Stiles for New Yoga DVDs

Tia Mowry, of the hit reality show “Tia and Tamera” on the Style Network, recently released two new yoga DVDs with yoga guru Tara Stiles. The goal is to de-stress while also losing weight.

“It’s very energetic …this isn’t a style of yoga where you sit and you talk about it and you take a break and you do another thing … you’re moving for the entire program and you’re engaging your abs, you’re engaging your entire body,” Stiles explains in the video below and on Mowry’s Web site,

The first DVD is designed to calm the mind and body to release tension, and is called “Tia Mowry’s Calm Yoga with Tara Styles, while the second DVD is “Tia Mowry’s Core Yoga With Tara Styles,” offering more of a fat-burning workout to tone the body, especially the stomach muscles.

“About three years ago, I actually injured my back and I found that yoga just really, really helped … after my pregnancy, I’m not afraid to say I gained 60 pounds, so the first thing I went to was yoga,” Mowry says in the video.

See the video below for more details: